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Eco-Friendly Wood Futon Frame

The Freedom Outdoor Futon Frame Java - Full Double Queen Size with its sleek and modern style is enhanced by its free perimeter. Not only it has no arms, but all of its structural components are recessed and creating a light look. This makes the Freedom Design easily accessible from all sides, for both sitting and sleeping, which is ideal for casual environments and space-challenged settings. Additionally, the horizontally oriented hardwood slats comprising the support deck of this frame are harder to come by than the more often used short, vertical slats found in other sofabeds. These long slats are an integral part of the bridge-like design of the hyper-efficient Nikita uniframe or one-frame design wherein the slatted decks and supporting structures are one integrated unit. Further, the horizontal slat design not only provides added strength and integrity to the frame, it helps to keep your futon mattress in place.

Freedom Outdoor Futon Frame Java - Full Double Queen Size


  • For Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • Horizontal Slats for added support
  • Patented Flip-Bar Support Structure
  • Uniframe Design
  • Sitting, reclining or sleeping locked positions.
  • Easy, patented opening and closing operating system.
  • Available in both White Oak and Mahogany with Natural Teak Oil Finish
  • Alternate Finishes available in White, Black or Java.
  • Available in Full, Queen and Chair sizes.
  • Friendly assembly instructions.
  • Limited Warranty

Outdoor Futon Frame great for patios, decks and nature lovers


Futon mattresses and futon covers sold separately. Please see Product Info for product care & assembly instructions.
JustLeanBack Logo

Just Lean Back was for many years called Nikita Convertibles and was founded by Nikita Grigoriev, who designed the first patented futon convertible sofabed in 1982. The patent (US # 4,538,308) was granted on Sept 3, 1985 and it established a new product category in the US patent office. Nikita Grigoriev was an aeronautical engineer and an airline pilot. He quit the airline and began making Convertible Furnishings in 1983. Two years later, Nikita purchased an old building in Richfield Springs, NY and assembled a crew of three production workers and one sales representative. The early convertibles were rather elaborate contraptions with wheels and springs and storage boxes and even self stowing headboards. They were made of solid maple and cherry and were beautifully finished. They sold for about $900 retail. As product recognition and demand for futon convertibles grew, Nikita opened a second store in 1987 in Oneonta, NY under the name of Simple Design. Based on market feedback and accumulated design insight, that year Nikita completely redesigned the convertible sofabed frame. The new generation convertibles were then known as G - 2, for Grigoriev second generation convertibles. The new futon convertibles were revolutionary in that they were much simpler, lighter, had sloping seats that automatically leveled for bed position, shipped in compact boxes and, most importantly, sold for half the price of the earlier ones. This significantly helped to expand the popularity of futons and broaden the market base.


Sustainability and Efficiency are at our very core ... since 1984 We started hand-building our unique convertible sofabeds, right here in the USA back in 1984 - and, although "green" was not a buzz word at the time, it was always our way. Sustainability and efficiency have always been at our very core - from product design to production. We strive to make the safest, highest quality products available. We make products that last. We focus on premium, solid American hardwoods grown in nature- not man-made materials.


We have been hand-building in the USA - ever since Nikita got the very first US patent on Futon SofaBeds in 1984. During the 80's and 90's, when most companies were importing from China and Malaysia - we stayed right here - in the USA - designing and making the best convertible sofabed frames on the planet. These were tough times, we admit - as, it seemed, almost everyone became accustomed to underpriced, poor quality imports - many of which have ended up in our american landfills. But now the tide is turning. Today, there is a greater appreciation for quality craftsmanship, durability and good design. We, at Nikita and JustLeanBack, thank you for being one of those people who recognize and appreciate Good Design MADE IN THE USA.

Furthermore, we believe that the US grows some of the best hardwoods on the planet in a responsible manner. We use only 100% solid, clear, beautiful and naturally strong hardwood, itself a renewable resource. All the wood we use comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)and is FSC controlled. This means the wood comes from slow-growth, sustainably managed forests

Freedom Outdoor Futon Frame Java - Full Double Queen Size

Assembly Instructions

Bi Fold Style
Space Saver/Loveseat Style

Arm Assembly

Freedom Outdoor Futon Frame Java - Choose Size - Dimensions

Product Dimensions Diagram

Bed A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches) DD foot board height (inches)
Full Double813136
Full Double81205413.333


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