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Organic Cotton Futon Cover Floral Print
Certified Organic Cotton Futon Cover Floral Print with a floral pattern created by the artisan textile designer at Harmony Art Fabrics.

Every step of the fabric creating process is done to stringent green standards, from the quality of the seeds used, to the weed & pest control, to the whitening of the cotton, to the type of dyes used.

Here at The Futon Shop, we're happy to be able to offer the most ecologically friendly cotton fabric for our futon covers, supporting small business and sustainable agriculture.

Organic Cotton Futon Cover Floral Print

Key product features:

  • Quality organic upholstery grade fabric
  • Futon cover features 3 sided, concealed zipper construction
  • 100% Organic cotton futon cover
  • 3rd party certified to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)
  • Cotton grown from non-GMO seeds
  • Water soluble dyes and pigments
  • Hand sewn in our California warehouse
  • Machine washable
  • Available in both solid colors and colorful patterns
  • Coordinate with matching solids, floral, plaids, and stripes
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Organic Cotton Futon Cover Floral Print

Why Harmony Art Organic Cotton?

Organic   Conventional
Seed Preparation: Natural, untreated GMO free seeds.   Typically treated with fungicides or insecticides. Possible GMOs.
Soil Preparation: Healthy soil through crop rotation. Retains moisture in soil from increased organic matter.   Synthetic fertilizers, loss of soil due to mono- crop culture, intensive irrigation.
Weed Control: Healthy soil creates natural balance. Beneficial insects and trap crops used.   Aerial spraying of insecticides and pesticides. Nine of the most commonly used pesticides are known cancer-causing agents.
Harvesting: Natural defoliation from freezing temperatures or through the use of water management   Defoliation induced with toxic chemicals.
Production: Warp fibers stabilized using double-plying or nontoxic cornstarch.   Warp fibers stabilized using toxic waxes.
Whitening: Safe peroxide is used.   Chlorine bleaching creates toxic by-products, which are released into the environment.
Finishing: Soft scour in warm water with soda ash, for a pH of 7.5 to 8.   Hot water, synthetic surfactants, additional chemicals (sometimes formaldehyde).
Dyeing: Low-impact fiber-reactive or natural dyes with low metal and sulfur content.   High temperature containing heavy metals and sulfur.
Printing: Low-impact, water-based inks and/or pigments with no heavy metals.   Pigments may be petroleum based and contain heavy metals. Run-off spills into waterways, polluting streams.
Fair Trade: Social criteria in place to ensure safe, healthy, non-abusive, nondiscriminatory, environment, with living wages.   No social screening. Possible child or forced labor used. Facilities may be unsafe and unhealthy.
Price: Initial cost more expensive. Long-term advantages: priceless.   Initially cheaper. Long-term impact on environment: devastating.
© 2008 Harmony Art & Fox-Rich Textiles

Organic Garden Sateen - Floral Pattern Organic Cotton Futon Cover - Choose Size - Dimensions

Product Dimensions Diagram

Sofa A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches)
Twin XL8039
Full Double7554
Cal King8472
Eastern King8472
Twin Loveseat3954
Full Loveseat5454
Queen Loveseat5460


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