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Futon Sectional - Flair Black with Memory Foam Mattress
Our Patricia Sectionals all feature two futon wall hugger frames joined at the hip to form the coolest convertible sofa sectional you've ever seen! With two low profile Dillon arms in the center that can push right together and two decorative arms on either side, this stylish sectional can sleep 3-4 people and even pull apart to give guests a little separation.


  • Full Size Futon Frame
  • Twin Size Loveseat Futon Frame
  • Two Futon Mattresses
  • Microfiber Futon Cover in one of six colors
  • Free shipping or local Delivery
  • Limited Warranty
Flair Black Frame
  • Two frames included: One full size wallhugger frame, one twin size loveseat futon frame laid next to each other with low profile arms on one side and decorative arms on the other to create fully functional futon sectional.
  • Patented, easy front opening & closing sofa bed mechanism.
  • Convert this futon frame from a sofa to a bed without moving the frame away from the wall.
  • Constructed of high-quality imported hardwood grown utilizing strict standards of sustainable forest management.
  • Dramatic, sweeping curved arms.
  • Available in Black & Pecan futon frame finishes.
Viscose Deluxe - Memory Foam Mattresses
  • 8 inch, extra supportive mattress.
  • 4 inches of 5 lb Viscose Memory Foam.
  • 2 inches of firm density hybrid soy foam.
  • 24-36 lbs of Egyptian Staple Cotton.
    Depending on Size of mattress.
Microfiber futon covers
  • Two futon covers: one full size, one split twin for twin size loveseat frame
  • Choose from 6 vibrant, elegant colors.
  • Available in custom fabrics as well, just specify the fabric you want in the comment section during your checkout process.
  • Handmade with overlock stitch for strength and durability.
  • Stain resistant & washable.

Provided with the following 6 microfiber futon cover options:

Chocolate Microfiber Futon Covers
Cloud Microfiber Futon Covers
Herb Microfiber Futon Covers
Melon Microfiber Futon Covers
Navy Microfiber Futon Covers
Parchment Microfiber Futon Covers

Available with the custom fabric of your choice as well, just specify the color fabric you would like instead of the one you selected in the comments section of the checkout form.

Featuring: Viscose Deluxe Mattresses

* Note that color of cover pictured above is not the one included with this set. Color of cover must be selected from option list on right, although you may order this same set with any of our Microfiber Futon Covers by calling 1-800 HI FUTON or your local Futon Shop Location. Colors may have slight variations depending on your model of computer monitor and graphic settings.

Futon Sofa Bed Sectional - Flair Black with Memory Foam Futons - Dimensions

Product Dimensions Diagram

Size A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches)


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