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Futon Slip Cover Misty Kiwi

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Premier Multicolored Textured Futon Covers that are Durable, Easy to Clean, Resistant to Fading, and Machine Washable. These lines of fabrics are among our most popular options for their rich textures and durable weave. The embossed slubweaves give dimension to any room. Bring Character and variety to your room today!

Textured Futon Cover Misty Kiwi

Solid Textured Futon Cover Misty Kiwi is a luxurious woven fabric that is heavy duty, durable as well as machine washable. All the richness and beauty of fabric derived from the newest fiber technology, 100% Polyester. Perfect for high traffic homes and commercial use. Developed for easy spot cleaning and washability. Anti-sag, stiffing, pilling and shrink protected. Engineered for abrasion resistance.

Solid Textured Futon Cover Misty Kiwi

Key product features:

  • Pretty and durable woven fabric.
  • 100% pure Polyester.
  • Machine washable.
  • Easy Maintenance, spot cleanable as well as stain and wrinkle resistant.
  • Texture provides great sensation for the skin, yet is still easy to clean like a microfiber.
  • Fibers do not leave lint or dust.
  • Hand sewn in our California warehouse.

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