Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress
Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress

Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress

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Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress

The Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress has recently been discontinued do to improvements to our performance mattress line. Check out our Tranquility 2 for all same comfort with added benefits!

Product Description

Phiten Flow 2 Futon Mattress - Firm Support

Key Mattress Features:

  • 8-inch Soft futon or bed mattress.
  • Advanced Technology in Sleep Experience!
  • 8-10 year life expectancy with everyday use.
  • Includes the following natural and eco-friendly mattress ingredients:
Natural Virgin Wool
  • Natural Moisture & Temperature Relief.
  • 14-32 lbs of Natural Loft & Spring.
    (depending on the size mattress)
  • Virgin Wool is above and below a layer of 733 4 inch individual pocket coils
  • Wool is hypoallergenic - it is resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew which can trigger allergic reactions in some people.
  • Dust-mites don't like wool
  • Eco-friendly - wool comes from the replenishing fleece of sheep, making it a natural, renewable resource.
  • Sustainable - sheep grow a new fleece of wool each year. What is more, sheep live on vegetation, which is also self replenishing.
  • Animal friendly - no sheep are killed in the harvest of wool.
Innerspring with 733 4 inch individual pocket coils
  • Made from long-lasting recycled steel.
  • Body print coil springs offer initial softness becoming firmer for needed support as weight is applied.
  • Spring steel provides resilience, individual pockets reduce movement.
  • Minimizes motion disturbance, each coil flexing independently of the other, diminishes the disturbance caused by a partner moving .

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Organic Wool Mattress - Chemical Free - Firm Support


Phiten Always On - When You Sleep



The Phiten Virgin Wool Mattress is a breakthrough in sleep technology, offering you what no other mattress can! The Futon Shop team of expert sleep specialists has designed The Flow 2 Virgin Wool Futon Mattress to support your body's natural rejuvenation process while you rest on your sofa or sleep in your bed.

Sleep prepares your mind and your body for the next day. The two aspects of sleep that are important are the quantity and the quality. The quality of sleep is equally, if not more important than the quantity. Phiten Firm Virgin Wool Futon Mattress will allow you to be more comfortable, increasing your quality of sleep, resting on Virgin wool in addition to Phiten's AQUA-TITANIUM? Technology. To further support your body's need to rejuvenate during rest or sleep, we offer you superior comfort with Marshall Pocket Coils; the most comfortable springs on the market. These 14 gauge double tempered steel individually pocketed coils create a firm yet bouncy sleep experience. The individual pocket coil design allows for even compression and support while helping to reduce motion transfer, prolonging the amount of quality sleep you get.

Being the leader of the Organic Futon Mattress movement here in the United States,The Futon Shop has partnered with Phiten USA and joined their roster of official lines, which also includes the MLB Authentic Collection, NHL Collection, and the NBA Collection. Phiten's ever growing popularity among athletes and sports enthusiasts has allowed the company to expand into these new areas.

This mattress is suggested for every day sitting on a convertible sofa bed or occasional use on a platform bed and is ideal for any guest room in your home.

This mattress has been specifically designed for use on both slatted platform bed frames and futon sofa beds

Virgin Wool Mattress


Product Dimension Diagram

SizeA wall space (inches)B height (inches)C depth (inches)D extension
(for love seats only)
Twin XL39880
Eastern King76880
Cal King
Twin Loveseat39854
Full Loveseat54875
Queen Loveseat60880