Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress
Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress

Phiten Being Futon Sofa Mattress

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Phiten Being Mattress

Our Phiten Being has recently been discontinued. Check out our Natural Rest mattress!

Product Description

The Phiten Being Futon Mattress


  • 8-inch Soft Phiten Sofa Mattress
  • 8-10 year life expectancy with occasional use.
  • Includes the following natural ingredients:
Bioflex hybrid foam from Soybeans
  • Soft Foam provides a bouncy sofa mattress without Innersprings.
  • Light Weight and Durable.
  • Eco-friendly bedding foam alternative.
    - sofa mattress foam is made partially from Soy Bean Oil .
  • Soft density 4 inch Foam Core
    - 24 ILD - 1.85 Density
100% Organic Egyptian Staple Cotton
  • USDA Certified Organic Cotton.
  • Grown and harvested in the United States.
  • Adds Natural Softness and Long Life to your bed.
Comes with an Organic Cotton Covering
  • If you feel any discomfort from the organic cotton Phiten cover remove it and enjoy the Renew Your Being Organic Futon Mattress for all its support and luxury

Doctor How to Order a Chemical Free MattressIn accordance with Federal law, all mattresses must be fire retardant. We use odorless and natural borate as our fire retardant. We would gladly make you this mattress without borate just supply us with a note from a chiropractor or a doctor. Call 1-800-443-8866 for non-borate organic mattresses. You may also email your note to You may also email your note to

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Phiten Being Futon Mattress


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Who Is Phiten And What Do They Do

Helping You Be Your Best - Optimizing Your Life.

Phiten focuses their energy on developing products that allow you to be your best. Founder Yoshihiro Hirata got his start trying to help a friend suffering from chronic pain, and today, after extensive research and development, he continues to help people enhance their quality of life all around the globe, building on the Phiten philosophy of health, energy and well-being. As the makers of the original titanium necklace, they combine their innovative technology with an athletic design sense to add energy and style to whatever they do.

Maybe you've seen MLB pitchers wearing their Tornado twisted rope necklaces and have been wondering what they are. Maybe their Titanium Tape is already an essential part of your daily warm-up routine. Or perhaps you're just looking for your favorite NBA or MLB teams gear. Whatever the reason, they've got you covered. Their mission is to design and develop products with a special focus on supporting and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Their products add a personal flair and unique style to your game- on the field or off.

The Futon Shop has infused our Organic Futon Mattress with Phiten's AQUA-TITANIUM? designed the most awesome Futon Mattresses in the world. The combination of Phiten technology and our 36 years of mattress manufacturing excellence have led to the most advanced technology and comfort in sleep today.

Our Phiten Being Futon Mattress offers cotton blended with natural soy-foam for the Best Futon Mattress that is light weight and easy to manage. This natural mattress will respond reliably to your weight and shape for many years.

This Futon Mattress is suggested for every day sitting on a futon frame or occasional sleeping on a platform bed. This Futon Mattress is ideal for everyday use in a second bed room, living room, dorm room, home office or guest room.

This mattress has been specifically designed for use on a sofa bed frame and is not recommended for every night sleep

Best Futon Mattress


Product Dimension Diagram

SizeA wall space (inches)B height (inches)C depth (inches)D extension
(for love seats only)