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Organic Wool and Cotton Japanese Folding Futon Mattress - Folding Wool Shikibuton - 3 or 5 Inch - Soft

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Japanese futons handmade Wool and Cotton Shikibuton mattress. The classic design offers Organic Cotton and Organic Wool Fibers. 

It does not contain foam, synthetic fibers, or chemical flame retardants. Made in the USA by The Futon Shop. This mattress is bendable and will work on Platform Bed, Futon Sofa Bed or traditional Tatami mat.

shiki futon mattresses

*A shiki futon is designed with natural fibers and should be placed on tatami mats, tatami beds, or on a coir pad for best performance.

tatami mat
coir pad

Shiki Futon mattresses

Care Instructions

The Shiki Futon Mattress needs to be routinely aired out, flipped over and rotated. We recommend placing a coconut coir pad or Tatami mat underneath the mattress while in use, not directly on the floor, to create ideal airflow and prevent mildew and mold.

Japanese Folding Futon Mattress | Folding Wool Shikibuton | Foldable Futon Mattress

Traditional shikibutons are made from layers of cotton and encased in a cotton twill fabric case, and are made for use on the floor or on a tatami mat. Our All Organic Traditional Folding Shiki Futon Mattress includes an organic cotton and organic wool batting surrounded by an organic cotton twill case. 

The breathable and lightweight fibers allow for a deeper night's sleep as the wool repels moisture and regulates heat, for improved sleep. These organic wool and cotton shiki futon mattresses are designed to be rolled up and stored away when not in use. You can customize your comfort by layering two or more shikibutons on top of each other. This can provide a softer sleeping surface. 

Find out for yourself how much better it feels to sleep on Wool!

Organic Wool and Organic Cotton Shiki Futon Mattress

  • Wool and Cotton Shikibuton Mattress
  • 100% USDA Certified Cotton Fiber
  • American Grown Chemical Free Wool
  • 35-75 Lbs. Of Firm Natural Support (Depending On Size)
  • Lace tacking

Cover & Size Selections

  • 7 oz. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric

GOTS Certified Organic Wool
USDA Organic Cotton

Wool Cotton Shiki Futon
Wool Cotton Shiki Futon

Firm Mattress
Mattress Feel

Mattress Feel

Soft mattresses & futons are ideal for sitting & side sleepers. These mattresses offer enough support while still providing con- forming ability for your shoulders, hips, knees, & is generally a perfect firmness for small sleepers. A sleeper weighing less than 140 lbs may enjoy a soft mattress more. 

These softer materials allow the sinkage of hips, knees and shoulders. Creating better pressure relief and support for the body. Extra soft and soft mattresses are not recommended for tummy or back sleepers. If your mattresses will be used traditionally for sitting, an extra Soft to soft mattress is a great choice.

Traditional Japanese Mats

Cotton Floor Futons & Specialty Items

*These are non structure mats. More like a pillow and less like a mattress.

Cotton shik

If you are looking for mattresses for great every night sleep without wool, Click here to try our vegan mattresses.

Cotton shik


Organic Wool & PLA Fiber

Organic Wool: Sleep like a baby. Wool offers your body ultimate temperature control, muscle relaxation and deeper REM sleep, and is a natural fire retardant. Our mattresses contain nothing but natural and organic wool to create the fire resistance needed to pass all fire-retardant requirements.

Non-GMO Potato Based PLA Fiber: PLA is our potato based fiber similar to polyester fiber without any PETRO-CHEMICALS! There is NO off gassing and is hypoallergenic. Our PLA fiber resilient material resists body impressions and makes an ideal sitting and sleeping surface. Our Non-GMO plant starch from potatoes is non-toxic, soft and comfortable, wicks away moisture and is certified by Oeko-tex Standard 100. 

PLA fiber is renewable, biodegradable and is derived from annually renewable crops, 100% compostable and its life cycle reduces the Earth's carbon dioxide levels.
Adding PLA fiber to organic wool adds to the total loft and resists compression.

Cotton Mattress

USDA Certified Organic Cotton

The organic cotton we use in our mattresses and futons is American. Organic Cotton is naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation, and doesn’t tend to irritate the skin.

Difference Between Organic Cotton And Natural Cotton

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

We want you to know we are committed to wellness so when you buy either online or in-store we offer a 30 day comfort exchange for qualifying mattress purchases. Most sales apply but be sure to check the guidelines below to find out what qualifies within our Guarantee with the purchase of a premium mattress or futon from Natural Home By The Futon Shop.

Please sleep on your new mattress for 15-25 nights minimum (to allow time for your body to adjust to a new mattress). If you are still not satisfied with your futon / mattress purchase, it may be exchanged up to 30 days after pick up or delivery. This is a one time exchange for the same size mattress only, there are no refunds. 

You can choose another mattress of equal or lesser value, or as a credit against a futon / mattress of greater value. If you cannot ship your current mattress back for full exchange, you can donate the mattress. With proof of donation we will issue a credit for 50% of the purchase price you paid, towards the purchase of your new mattress. New shipping fees will apply.

Click Here to see our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee and learn more.

About The Futon Shop

About The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop has been an innovative leader in the creation of chemical free furniture in California for over 40 years. We source our natural fiber from local farmers. We then process them on site. The Futon Shop has made chemical free living affordable for everyone, because we care and believe everyone deserves the choice to sleep healthy.

The Futon Shop Shipping


Our mattresses are delivered to your home in a box. Each mattress is handcrafted and ships within a few days. We use the fastest, safest, and most reliable carriers to ship your products to you. We have long term partnerships with some of the best shipping companies.

Shipping Information

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Product Dimension Diagram

Size A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches)
Twin XL39380
Full Double54375
Eastern King76380
Cal King72384

Size: Weight:
Single3" 23 lbs. | 5" 25 lbs.
Twin3" 25 lbs. | 5" 37 lbs.
Twin XL3" 29 lbs. | 5" 43 lbs.
Full Double3" 29 lbs. | 5" 43 lbs.
Full Double XL3" 33 lbs. | 5" 49 lbs.
Queen3" 33 lbs. | 5" 49 lbs.
Cal King3" 41 lbs. | 5" 61 lbs.
Eastern King3" 41 lbs. | 5" 61 lbs.


Frequently Asked Questions

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