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Outdoor Futon Frames
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Outdoor Futons and Sofa Beds Built For Families That Love Enjoying Every Season!

As a California company we know how important it is to get regular time in the sun. In fact, you may even sleep better if you spend a little more time relaxing and having fun in natural sunlight. Research has shown that the benefits of natural sunlight improve and increase healthy sleep and mood. The Futon Shop's new line of affordable and luxurious outdoor furniture is exactly what you need to improve your health while spending more time together outside!

Everything You Need To Know About Your Futon

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Outdoor Set options!

Patio, Deck, & Even Pool!

Outdoor furniture options designed by The Futon Shop are perfect for entertaining as well, during a barbecue your guests will be kept cozy while knowing you are staying on top of natures hiccups. Durable wooden frames with custom cushions that can be easily maintained or re-stuffed with natural ingredients by our team of dedicated mattress and cushion craftsman! It can be so difficult to find affordable outdoor solutions that will last, add comfort, and stay fresh in every season and because of this many decide to settle on a cutesy look only to find their set is uncomfortable and worn down before the season is even over. With an experienced home decorator to help the family get the best option for their home which will allow them to really relax and spend the time enjoying the outdoors! When you lounge on your patio, deck, or even poolside you can do so in style and luxury when you decorate with an expert in comfort from The Futon Shop. Take a look at any of our predesigned sets on our Outdoor Sets page or call today to fully customize your setting to best meet your specific needs. Natural, bacteria resistant fiber fillings, classic outdoor wooden frames, and outdoor cushion covers handmade using the best Outdura fabrics can keep your sunroom, pool-deck, patio, or any other outdoor reclining area inviting and comfortable season after season.

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Outdoor Options

Weather Resistance You Can Count On!

Our gorgeous outdoor futon frames can help set the tone of any space. For use outside these frames can be combined with any mattress protected by a waterproof mattress case. The bottom of these frames feature two inch wheels to allow easy repositioning with little effort. This horizontal slat system and uni-frame design is durable while remaining lightweight. When using the Patented Flip-Bar Support Structure from Just Lean Back you can have functional and stylish outdoor furniture that allows for easy opening and closing without strain.


Beautiful Color, Low V.O.C.

Our outdoor frames are made with a natural teak oil rub, organically derived from the teak tree. Teak oil is a natural weather proofing and will stand up to heat and cold, just like the Teak tree. You may be seeing more home goods stores separately advertising the sale of paints that have low VOC or less volatile organic compounds. The look and weather resistance that a chemically treated paint or wood finish provides can allow your house, porch, or deck years of life while protecting from rain but does that make sense for the needs of your lounge furniture? The natural beauty of our unfinished wood and low VOC painted platform beds make any room’s essence come alive naturally. With natural fabrics and unfinished woods you can convert your bedroom to a safe and stylish place for you to sleep free of harmful toxins. The fact our products have less VOCs is worth mentioning because it means there are less harmful solvents that have been suspected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogenic.

Learn how to avoid VOC's in your home.

easy to transform design!

Repurpose Any Room In Minutes!

Not only do we promise that these Outdoor Futon Frames open with no strain but if you wish you can do it with only one hand. That’s because of the patented Flip-Bar and Self Converting Geometry designed by Aeronautical Engineer Nikita Grigoriev. The built in wheels allow for smooth conversion and placement so it’s never any trouble to transform a space to include your comfy outdoor lounger. Outdoor Futon Frames are a durable option that can turn any space into a welcome place for sleepovers, surprise guests, or a holiday stay. Plus our solid hardwood futon sofa frames are built to last, there are no inflatable parts or motors needed to operate! Pair your sofa bed frame with any of our chemical free mattresses with an Outdura slip cover that is sun and weather resistant.

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The Futon Shop proudly stocks all frames so your order is immediately ready for delivery and assembly! Since our humble beginning in Los Angeles we have stayed true to our mission of providing practical and affordable quality furniture solutions while pioneering our unique line of Chemical Free Sleeping Products

For those buying online, remember that we can ship to anywhere in the United States. Take a look at any one of our Store Locations!

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The Futon Shop a family owned company since 1976 maintains a high level of Eco-Consciousness to strive for a healthier future for our planet and our country. We work tirelessly towards bringing the best organic cotton and eco-friendly futons, sofa beds & chemical free furniture options for the health and comfort of our customers