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Wool Bedding Care

Friday, May 20, 2016 2:11:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

Wool Bedding Care

Wool Bedding Care

The benefits of a Non Toxic Mattress work in combination to provide long lasting comfort for the sleeper. Choose a chemical free wool mattress for an easy to care for and long lasting solution for better sleep in all temperatures.

How To Care For Your Wool Bed

How To Care For Your Wool Bed

Wool is durable, resilient, and self filtering fiber that naturally resists dust, bacteria, and mildew without the use of chemicals! This means that your mattress will not absorb residue off of your skin like other fibers. This resilient fiber takes care of itself in most ways and with proper care wool products will combat wear that cotton and down filled bedding products can not stand up to without significant chemical treatment.


Sunlight & Air Is All You Need To Clean!

With any of our mattresses, tufted and untufted alike, you can unzip your outer case to expose your mattress to air and sunlight! Over time, the wool fibers will begin to lose their natural crimp and flatten out the less it is exposed to air and natural light. Exposing your wool mattress to air and sunlight will remove the moisture held by the wool fibers, causing them to become revitalized. An Chemical Free Wool Mattress is easy to clean as just exposing to air and sunlight!

Do Not Wash

Do Not Wash!

Just because wool naturally wicks away moisture that is perspirated by your body does not mean your mattress or wool products can handle excessive amounts of moisture. Rain or spills will pool causing significant damage to your mattress! Shy away completely from using chemical cleaners in your bedroom, you do not want to ever apply liquid directly to your mattress if you can avoid it! We have created our largest mattresses with chemical free latex, wool, and coconut coir so that your mattress needs minimum care to maintain, check our best Flame Retardant Free Mattress equipped with 9 inches of chemical free, supportive, and natural materials.

Mattress Cover

Benefits of a Mattress Cover

Wool comforters and toppers are easy to care for in combination with a removable organic cotton twill fabric cover. We hand craft every mattress, cut and sew every cover, and always make sure your products are made from the best ingredient to fit your lifestyle and needs. Let us show your our range of organic cotton twill fabrics to create WASHABLE cover made from GOTS certified organic fabric.

Ecopure Rest mattress

Wool For Easy Care

The self cleaning ability that wool has means that any mattress with wool such as our Eco Pure Rest Virgin Wool Futon Mattress Chemical Free is easy to maintain and long lasting when compared to conventional chemically treated mattresses. The sleep options you find from The Futon Shop are always customizable to your preferences.


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