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Wool Bedding Benefits

Friday, May 20, 2016 2:10:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Wool Bedding Benefits

Wool Bedding Benefits

Why Switch To Wool Bedding?

Health Benefits


The amount of toxins you are avoiding in your lifetime by sleeping on a chemical free bed or even replacing a chemically manufactured piece of furniture is astounding by what statistics show. As everyone spends one third of their life sleeping it is important that the 8 hours a night you spend resting is done so in a space free of chemicals. It may be hard to believe at first that the amount of chemicals in your home furniture and mattresses have been linked to cases of health issues including cancer. Many of these toxins are proven to cause disease and even to cause deformities in unborn infants! Skin discomfort, rashes, respiratory issues, and most importantly cancer can result from breathing in toxins that your body can not get rid of. If you prefer the feel of cotton over wool, check out our Pure Comfort Affordable Chemical Free Cotton Mattress that is made with both!

Wool Benefits


It is not enough to check if mattresses are made with PBDEs or not. If your mattress or furniture is made with polyurethane foam it's best to err on the side of caution and assume that there is some sort of exposure as a result from its use. The Futon Shop helps to reduce the environmental and health risks associated with the their foam products by using soybean oil based foams. These choices greatly reduce the amount petro chemicals present in the homes that use our products.

When buying mattresses or furniture for longterm use, it is best to stay away from foams and upgrade to chemical free latex or coconut fiber for their natural toxin free properties and reduced environmental footprint.  However, if you prefer the feel of foam, we have the best and most durable gel swirled soy based memory foams on the market. The Futon Shop suggests these alternatives because PBDEs aren't bound to foam (or plastic, when they're used in electronics) so as it ages and wears with use these harmful agents break down and get released into air your your family breathes. These chemicals when separated bind to dust are easily absorbed into your system everyday.

We suggest our Dunlop Latex Wool Mattress Firm to avoid PBDE's from foam or our Back Care Plus Natural Wool Futon Mattress with wool and ecofriendly soybean oil foam for a product with less petrochemicals.


With a manufacturer like The Futon Shop, who has been buying wool directly for over 40 years, you can find the best price for superior quality products. We get our wool in raw form and garnet bails ourselves, this means we are able to check for impurities before it has been processed & Sorted!

Why We Always Garnett (Carding) Our Own Wool

Carding is a mechanical process that disentangles, cleans and intermixes fibers to produce a continuous web or sliver suitable for subsequent processing. This is achieved by passing the fibers between differentially moving surfaces covered with card clothing. Garnetting (also known as carding) breaks up locks and unorganized clumps of fiber and then aligns the individual fibers to be parallel with each other. In preparing wool fiber for spinning, carding is the step that comes after teasing.


The word is derived from the Latin carduus meaning thistle or teasel, as dried vegetable teasels were first used to comb the raw wool. These ordered fibers can then be passed on to other processes that are specific to the desired end use of the fiber: Cotton, batting, felt, woollen or worsted yarn, etc. Carding can also be used to create blends of different fibers or different colors. When blending, the carding process combines the different fibers into a homogeneous mix. Commercial cards also have rollers and systems designed to remove some vegetable matter contaminants from the wool.

Common to all carders is card clothing. Card clothing is made from a sturdy flexible backing in which closely spaced wire pins are embedded. The shape, length, diameter, and spacing of these wire pins is dictated by the card designer and the particular requirements of the application where the card cloth will be used. A later version of the card clothing product developed during the latter half of the 19th century and found only on commercial carding machines, whereby a single piece of serrated wire was wrapped around a roller, became known as metallic card clothing. Carding machines are known as cards. Fiber may be carded by hand for hand spinning.

Long Lasting Products Made Without Chemical Preservatives

The lifespan of our chemical free products can range anywhere from 15-20 years with proper care. For the longest lasting products, we offer our chemical free wool, latex, and coconut coir options built with natural materials that resist mold, dust, and bacteria growth without the use of harmful agents!

Wool is ultra durable and has great tensile strength when compared to other fiber options. This comfortable sleeping option cradles your body and also retains shape better over the years with minimal care! Moisture, mildew, bacteria, and mold are naturally repelled by wool so there is no need to treat with chemical cleaners that can harm your family while caring for your sleep space!


The reason that wool lasts longer and provides superior comfort when compared with cotton or synthetic fibers is a combination of properties it holds. The combination of the spring like properties of the fiber, and the way that wool interacts with moisture in the air means long lasting comfort after years of use. Means that your skin on a molecular level make wool a superior choice for use in any season! For natural comfort and for protection from harmful chemicals, bacteria, and mold, there is no better choice than wool!



When viewed on the microscopic level, wool fiber resembles a tiny spring with superior bounce. Pressure that is applied to wool is resisted and repelled thanks to the folding structure of how the fiber bends against itself. The natural polypeptide chains react like a coiled spring and elongates until released. Unlike cotton, every individual wool fiber stretches up to half its length when wet and a third when dry without changing it’s shape.

Although wet wool is weaker, the recovery from stress takes place faster when the fiber is in a humidified environment. Wool fiber can be bent back on itself more than 20,000 times without breaking, up to 10 times more than cotton and 20 times than silk.

We suggest organic cotton sheets used in combination with a wool topper and wool comforter. The moisture controlling properties The natural elasticity of wool means fabrics woven from wool are far more resistant to tearing and abrasion.



As wool absorbs atmospheric moisture, the hydrogen bond of water is broken and reacts with molecules of the wool to generate heat. Classified as a hygroscopic fiber, wool stores trace amounts of moisture in vapor form and releases it as it as it is exposed to the air. Tiny pores allow air to pass completely through the fiber to filter it. With the added ability to absorb 30% of its weight in water without significant change to its feel makes wool a great fabric for temperature control because it can protect the body in both cold and warm conditions.

Since wool absorbs moisture from the atmosphere of greater humidity and releases it to the drier environment as it creates a balance in moisture and temperature conditions. This characteristic makes wool a versatile all-season fabric. Since Wool fiber stores a microscopic amount of perspiration it keeps a layer of dry air next to the skin which, in turn, helps to regulate body heat.

The same principle of moisture contact on the skin acts to protect against hot weather as well. The body cools itself naturally with the evaporation of perspiration. Wool expedites this process by absorbing perspiration and keeping the same dry air next to the skin. This is why wool clothing is worn throughout the desert regions of the world where it’s hot during the day and cold at night.



Because wool contains a microscopic amount of moisture in each fiber it resists flame without chemical treatment. Instead of burning freely when touched by flame, wool chars and stops burning when it is removed from the source of fire.

Fun Fact: Did you know that fire protective blankets are made of wool?





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