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Why Get A Futon Over A Standard Couch?

Thursday, January 19, 2017 12:36:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

Why Get A Futon Over A Standard Couch?

Why Get A Futon Over A Standard Couch?


A futon can be one of the most usefully versatile pieces of furniture you’ll ever purchase. Futon frames have a wide range of styles, functions and versatile options. First of all, a futon can be a couch and a bed, allowing you to sit and sleep on the same piece of furniture without that bothersome neck cramp you wake up with in the morning. Further, Futon Frames take far less effort to convert from a couch to a bed than the traditional sleeper sofa. Their space saving ability, reasonable price, and versatility makes the futon frame an ideal choice.

In comparison to traditional sofas or sofa beds, the futon frame is relatively inexpensive. Prices for traditional sofas and pull out sofa beds can range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars. In comparison, a durable solid wood futon frame will set you back by only a fraction of this cost.

In addition to being easy on the pocketbook, Futon Frames are also relatively simply in their construction. With minimal pieces to deal with, the assembly and disassembly process is a breeze. You can set up your futon frame and be using it with your futon mattress within less than 30 minutes in most cases.

One final reason, and quite possibly the most persuasive, is the versatility of futon frames. A futon frame can be customized specifically to you. You can change its appearance to fit any style and any room with multiple slipcovers available on the market today. You can also change the feel of the mattress with a replaceable futon mattress. Since you can purchase a frame and mattress separately, the combinations can be tailored to your exact tastes. This is something that simply can’t happen so simply with a sofa. The range of futon slip covers and futon mattress types makes the total options nearly limitless.

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