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Are Organic Mattresses Necessary?

Friday, February 9, 2018 2:09:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Are Organic Mattresses Necessary?

Are Organic Mattresses Necessary?

Sleep is how our mind, body and soul, recovers and regenerates from our often stressful and hectic day. This is why sleeping on organic ingredients and an organic mattress has a direct impact on our health and overall well-being. Adults generally sleep 9 hours per day, 270 hours per month or 3,285 hours per year. Wow that is a third of our daily life, and double those hours for infants and young children. As we sleep, rest and recuperate we inhale though our nose and mouth, and our entire body breaths though our pores, allowing our bodies to absorb everything in the environment around us. That is why The Futon Shop has been creating safe sleep environments since 1976. Below are some details what differs between the term natural and organic.

Organic Mattress Vs. A Natural Mattress


  • Zero Petroleum
  • Zero Pesticides
  • USDA Certified
  • GOLS Certified

  • Natural

  • Subjective To The Marketer

  • The Requirements For Organic Products

    What does Organic vs. Natural have to do with furniture?

    What does Organic vs. Natural have to do with furniture?

    Customers are still shocked when they learn from our sales staff or reading on our website that their are dangerous toxins in furniture. Pesticides, petroleum based foams and latex, and toxic flame retardants are a mess in the furniture industry.

    Which Ingredients Have Toxins:

    Furniture is soiled with pesticides, synthetics, and off gas from petroleum based foams and latex cores in sofas, chairs, and futons, and mattresses. And do not forget about Vocs in wood products like your bed frames and dining room furniture. The biggest topics in furniture is flame retardants and toxic PBDE’s.

    Certifications False Advertising and Labels

    Furniture That Can Be Certified By TheUSDA (The US Department of Agriculture)

      1) Cotton and Rubber Tree Crops: Crops that are harvested: cotton fields, Natural rubber trees harvested for sap for latex
      2) Wool: Animals raised in an agricultural settings for food and production.
      3) Latex and Foams: ingredients processed with multi ingredients to be package

    History Of The USDA

    The Futon Shop Certification Page

    Know the difference


    Nova Organic Latex Wool Futon Mattress


    Nova Organic Latex Wool Futon Mattress

    NATURAL (Chemical Free)

    Comfort Rest Chemical Free

    Comfort Rest

    Comfort Rest

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    The Futon Shop a family owned company since 1976 maintains a high level of Eco-Consciousness to strive for a healthier future for our planet and our country. We work tirelessly towards bringing the best organic cotton and eco-friendly futons, sofa beds & chemical free furniture options for the health and comfort of our customers