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What Makes GOLS Certified Organic Latex So Special

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 10:02:54 AM America/Los_Angeles




In order to be certified GOLS organic latex must pass many different traceable functions from tapping to the finished product even the workers environmental conditions and fair trade measurements.

  • a) First and foremost the organic latex must be traceable back to its organic field and the latex / raw material supplier.
  • b) The manufacture must provide quantity consistency in the organic latex lots, records shall be maintained, and also showing unused stock balances.
  • c) Clear separation of Organic products from products that are not certified, during all stages of processing.
  • d) Certified Organic raw material and the finished product must be identified throughout the processing chain.
  • e) Operational procedures and practices are supported by a paperwork and document system and the records will provide an audit trail.
  • f) The manufacture must keep a a written quality manuals, covering Name of the operator, Client number assigned by the Certification Body, Version number and date, flow charts of the operations procedures including complaints. Below are the items needed before any organic latex can be certified

Global Organic Latex Standard

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