What is Natural Mattress Fiber

What is Natural Mattress Fiber?

What is Natural Mattress or Futon Fiber?

Fibers are a class of hair-like materials that are continuous filaments, or are in discrete elongated pieces, similar to pieces of thread. Fibers are of two types: natural fiber, which consists of animal and plant fibers, and man made fiber which consists of synthetic fibers and regenerated fibers. Natural fibers are made from plant, animal and mineral sources and can be found in natural mattresses and futons. Cotton (organic and conventional), Wool (organic and conventional), Latex (organic and Natural), Coconut Coir (Organic and natural) are all from animals or plants grown naturally on our planet. Non-natural ingredients are all types of polyurethane foams, gels and memory foams, fibers such as polyester are not natural and all made from bi-products of gasoline refining. Sometimes recycling plastics are good for the environment but the chemicals are not particularly good for our home air quality or our bodies. Natural fibers can be classified according to their origin. Natural Fibers are sustainable and not man made. Most mattresses are made from petro-chemical man-made fibers and foams.

Seed Fiber

Seed Fiber

Fibers collected from seeds or seed cases. e.g. cotton and kapok

Leaf Fiber

Leaf Fiber

Fibers collected from leaves. e.g., sansevieria, fique, sisal, banana and agave.

Bast / Skin Fiber

Bast / Skin Fiber

Fibers are collected from the skin or bast surrounding the stem of their respective plant. These fibers have higher tensile strength than other fibers. Therefore, these fibers are used for durable yarn, fabric, packaging, and paper. Some examples are flax, jute, kenaf, industrial hemp, ramie, rattan, and vine fibers

Fruit Fiber

Fruit Fiber

Fibers are collected from the fruit of the plant, e.g. coconut (coir) fiber.

Stalk Fiber

Stalk Fiber

Fibers are actually the stalks of the plant. E.g. straws of wheat, rice, barley, and other crops including bamboo and grass. Tree wood is also such a fiber.

The most used plant fibers are cotton, flax and hemp.

Animal fibers

Animal hair

Animal hair (wool or hairs):

Fiber or wool taken from animals or hairy mammals. e.g. sheep's wool, goat hair (cashmere, mohair), alpaca hair, horse hair, etc.

Silk fiber

Silk fiber:

Fiber secreted by glands (often located near the mouth) of insects during the preparation of cocoons.

Avian fiber

Avian fiber:

Fibers from birds, e.g. feathers and feather fiber.

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