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Tis The Season Of Giving This Thanksgiving: Introducing The Largest Organic Futon Mattress In A Box Selection

Monday, November 7, 2016 3:51:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Tis The Season Of Giving This Thanksgiving: Introducing The Largest Organic Futon Mattress In A Box Selection

Tis The Season Of Giving This Thanksgiving: Introducing The Largest Natural Futon Mattress In A Box Selection


What are customers saying about The Futon Shop?

“First experience with The Futon Shop . It was a speedy shipment and quality is great.”

“Voila, it was here. The futon is exactly what I wanted in size and quality. I love it. I feel like the Princess and the pea.”

“I love the wool mattress”

“Smells like a fresh cut meadow! No chemicals here!

“We bought this for our son. He loves it!!! We want to get our own now!

“The best mattress I have ever slept on and I have spent over $5,000 before on other mattresses”

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What’s In A Box?

Each mattress made by The Futon Shop is hand-crafted in San Francisco. The Futon Shop has been around for over 40 years promoting natural and sustainable practices mattress with the customers health and comfort in mind. The Futon Shop is the largest futon mattress retailer and manufacturer that offers a mattress in a box option. You can choose from over 33 mattresses for your futon sofa and for your bed. The mattresses range from extra soft to extra firm, but the most popular selection is the chemical free futon mattresses selection. These mattresses which are vetted by the Breast Cancer Fund have no chemicals. You can choose spring mattresses, latex mattresses, wool mattresses, with the fear of dangerous toxins lurking in your home like off-gassing petroleum based mattresses. The newest ingredient in futon mattresses at The Futon Shop is coconut coir, with is a natural alternative to petroleum based foams and latex cores. The Futon Shop’s mattress in the box can be at your doorstep with a click away or by walking into any of the 11 showrooms surrounding California.

1) No Flame Retardants: PBDE vs. Wool

2) No Petroleum: Petroleum soiled Foams and Latex vs. Chemical Free Latex and Coconut coir

3) No Pesticides: Pesticide Soiled Cotton And Bedding vs. Pesticide Free Cotton And Bedding

Wool: The Futon Shop uses wool as a fire retardant in all their chemical free futon mattresses.

Toxic Free Core: Petroleum based foams off-gas and create so many health issues, so The Futon Shop offers customers the choice to sleep chemical free with petroleum free cores such as coconut coir and toxic free latex.

No Pesticides: The Futon Shop manufactures all their mattress in San Francisco and works with American farmers that offer pesticide cotton and fabric.

Made In America

The Futon has been making futon mattresses in San Francisco since 1976. Learn more about their history here and their timeline of The Futon Shop’s 40th Anniversary. Thanksgiving is American tradition, so celebrate this year by hosting an amazing Party. Give your guests the comfort and pick from the largest selection of futon mattresses without the toxins.


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The Futon Shop a family owned company since 1976 maintains a high level of Eco-Consciousness to strive for a healthier future for our planet and our country. We work tirelessly towards bringing the best organic cotton and eco-friendly futons, sofa beds & chemical free furniture options for the health and comfort of our customers