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Experience The Ultimate Earth Bed: A Mattress Made of Sand

Thursday, August 2, 2018 3:23:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

Ultimate Earth Partners with The Futon Shop

Announcing The World’s First Patent Pending Sand-Filled Mattress: The Ultimate Earth Bed


The Futon Shop (TFS) has partnered with Ultimate Earth Bed to bring the most natural made from Earth Ingredients for all to sleep on. TFS is proud to partner with Ultimate Earth Bed founders Stephanie Wing-Garcia and Michael Garcia. These mattresses are filled with the coolest ingredient: Sand!! Yes sand and you can even fill them with crystals! Suzanne, the CEO of TFS personally connected with Stephanie’s journey to create the first Ultimate Earth Bed. Much like Suzanne’s Journey to find a mattress with zero chemicals for her children, Stephanie also searched tirelessly to find the right mattress to remedy the aching pain she felt in her back. 7 years later and no pain in her back, The Ultimate Earth Bed is born.



"After inventing the bed, the number of benefits were so staggering it was like opening pandoras box. The side benefits kept coming, and still continue to come to this day."

What is the Ultimate Earth Bed?

Patent Pending Sand Mattress
Super Firm
3 Part System

Spinal Alignment: Chair sitting (whether driving, watching TV, eating, etc.) causes "front-loading" of the body. Since the muscles are tighter in front, the body begins to feel comfortable when hunched over to some degree. Likewise, sleeping on an overly-soft modern mattress perpetuates this misalignment as it compresses under the body's weight. When we lie down on a firm surface on our back, it stretches the tighter muscles in the front -- which can feel initially uncomfortable. A soft mattress is necessary to maintain this front-loaded position while a firm surface helps to reverse it.

Pain relief: Soft mattresses may feel "better" because you are not being distracted by the body's attempts to stretch and realign itself. But once a body is realigned, firm sleeping becomes very comfortable and the aches and pains caused by poor alignment start to disappear.

Resistance: A soft mattress does not allow the resistance that we need to keep us in alignment and optimize breathing and circulation while we sleep. On a firm surface, the skeletal structure supports the body's weight allowing the muscles to relax, while a soft mattress uses the body's soft tissue to support it. Bones benefit from resistance as well, as it promotes healthy bone dens Recyclable After inventing the bed, we found out was that 50,000 mattresses a day goto landfills in the US alone. With mattresses being obsolete and needing to be thrown out every 7-10 years, we unwittingly created a bed that can be used and refilled for a lifetime, and ultimately recycled. Obviously, the crushed white marble can go right back into the earth, the bed can be taken apart, it can be washed, it can be refilled…. And the material can be recycled, if down the line, a person wanted to. The toppers are all biodegradable and made with natural products. It’s a great solution for waste reduction. In the state of California the when you purchase a bed you have to pay a recycling fee, which technically means you buy a spot in a landfill. Our bed got an exemption from that fee, because they felt we had innovated a solution.

Non-Toxic: We found out that most beds are filled with a toxic flame retardant substance because the design is so flammable, it is safer to have the flame retardant than not. Many beds have up to four gallons of toxic flame retardant. I don’t need to point out that when you sleep, you are breathing so deeply. Breathing in this flame retardant, toxifying your system. Our bed does not have to use this flame retardant because we were given an exemption from the national Safety counsel, because sand isn’t flammable and they felt we had innovated a solution.

Grounding: It’s grounding and healing. With the amount of crushed white marble that goes into each bed, it has a certain amount of negative ions that the bed produces to help ground and heal while you sleep.

Crystal Healing

Clean: It’s washable! You can take your bed apart and wash it. No mites and dust!!

Bed Bugs: Our bed does not have bed bugs to contend with. Sand is inorganic, and therefore nothing can live in it. No bed bugs!!

Modifiable and Modular and PERSONAL: This bed can be completely modified to suit your own needs. You can add layers on top to make it softer or take layers away to make it more firm. Sleep is a personal experience and our beds are designed to be custom tailored to fit your needs. When you order the larger queen and king beds you can customize your side to fit your needs. You can have your side with a sheepskin and a latex pad, and your partner can choose to have something else.

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Jill Parker-Jones

posted on Sunday, August 5, 2018 6:09:14 PM America/Los_Angeles
My husband and I have been sleeping on The Ultimate Earth Bed for over a year and everything mentioned in the article is spot on. We are older (69 and 74) and have no aches and pains anymore. When we travel and sleep on regular mattress (with dust mites, no doubt), there is a noticeable difference by morning.
Love the idea that we are GREEN!!
Thank you Stephanie and Michael! Brilliant!! And congratulations to The Futon Shop for the collaboration.
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