Use These Tips When Shopping For Twin Size Futon Bed

Use These Tips When Shopping For Twin Size Futon Bed


What Are The Dimensions of Twin Size Futons

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What Is A Twin Size Futon?

A standard twin mattress and twin futon mattress size is the smallest mattress in the mattress dimension chart except for the single, crib, and toddler mattress. Most bed frames start at the twin size. The twin size dimensions are 39”x75”. Twin Futon Mattress Sizes and Double Futon Mattress Sizes length are the same.

Exceptions To The Rule: Extra Long Twin: An Extra Long Twin at 39” x 80” is a great options for tall sleepers in tight spaces. Choosing a twin extra long eco friendly futon mattress or send us your dimensions and ingredients you like and The Futon Shop can create a custom cushion in any size and thickness.

What’s The Difference Between Twin Size Futons Vs. Extra Long Twin Size?

A Standard Twin Futon Mattress is 39” x 75”

An Extra Long Twin Futon Mattress is 39” x 80”

Will My Twin Futon Fit On A Twin Bed Platform Bed?

The Futon Shop Mattresses can fit on any platform bed with slats that give air to breath. Please refer to our Platform Bed Buying Guide

Futon is a mattress. The Japanese Word For Mattress is futon, so yes!! Twin Size Futon Mattresses can be used on Bed Frames, as an everyday bed or as a guest bed.

Futon Tip: Be sure to browse The Futon Shop platform bed frames for sale. Picking one of The Futon Shop platform beds that are strong and durable and do not require box springs will decrease bringing chemicals into the bedroom. Traditional box springs are made with VOCs, so try not using boxsprings. Here is a great article of Do I Need A Boxspring For My Platform Bed?.

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The Transition From Crib To Bed: 5 Popular Twin Size Futons

This is such a big step for child and of course Mommy and Daddy. There is a comfort when a child sleeps in a crib that everything is okay and their kids are nice and tucked away safe in their crib. When it comes to the transition, a child can go straight to a twin bed or slowly transition first with a toddler bed. But when is the right time to transition from crib to big kids bed? My little boy showed me very clearly he was ready when he jumped out of his crib. We immediately changed him into a big boy bed for safety reasons. Other children may show signs and some may not, but when you do choose to switch to a twin bed, follow helpful guidelines.

Toddler Mattress Suggestion: The Futon Shop’s Sweetpea Latex Crib mattress that is multifunctional as a crib and toddler mattress. The Sweetpea has one side that is extra firm that is meant to be used for newborns and you flip it when the child is a toddler on the softer side.

8 Tips For Transitioning To A Big Kid Bed

8 Tips For Transitioning To A Big Kid Bed




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Frames Slipcover

How To Decorate A Twin Bed That Also Functions As A Daybed/Sofa Couch

1) Add A Twin Size Futon Slipcovers For A Twin Loveseat

Organic Futon Covers

2) Twin Wallhugger Loveseat Daybeds Futon Frames

Loveseat Walhugger

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