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The Ultimate Healthy Mattress And Sleep Position Guide

Monday, February 4, 2019 1:05:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Ultimate Healthy Mattresses And Sleep Position Guide


“Your life is a reflection of how you sleep, and how you sleep is a reflection of your life.”

- Dr. Rafael Pelayo

The Ultimate Healthy Mattresses And Sleep Position Guide

Sleep has been studied for hundreds of years from scientists like Freud’s Dream Analysis in the mid 1960’s to Professor’s Chris Idzikowski’s study on sleep positions recently published in 2008. Of the two studies, the latter is a sleep analysis that has gained popular recognition among scientists and psychologist looking into personality and the connection with a number of sleep positions on your side, back and stomach.

Here is the best guide to understand the connection of personality and health benefit of Idzikowski’s sleep position and which mattress is best for each category.

Sleeping Position guide Sleeping Position guide

For All Side Sleepers:

Who Should Sleep On Their Side:

- People With Lower Back Issues

- Pregnant Expecting Mothers

- People with Posture Challenges

What Mattress Is Suggested : Medium Firm Comfort Mattress

Chemical Free Option
EcoPure Wool Futon Mattress : The Ecopure is a perfect mixture of firm from the latex, with an added layer of softness with the wool.

Organic Option
Organic Wool Futon Mattress

Pillow Tip

Sleeping with a pillow between your legs, while sleeping on your side gives added support along your spine.

The Futon Shop also suggests adding an organic cotton side sleeper pillow when sleeping on your side. This incredible removable and washable organic cotton cover with and added cotton, wool, or latex as the insert is perfect for side sleepers. Pregnant women who have the toughest time sleeping rave about how comfortable this pillow is as well.

healthy mattress

The Yearner

Position - People that sleep in the Yearner position sleep with their head at the edge of the pillow with their arms straight out. Their back is straight and legs are bent a little.

Personality - Out of the six sleep positions that Professor Idzikowski, the director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service analyzed, the Yearner is linked to a personality that are can be open, but have a tendency to be suspicious and cynical. Idzikowski go on to believe these sleepers take a long time to make a decision, and when they decide on something they stick to it.

Health Benefit - This position is great to increase your posture. Sleeping on your side is overall a great sleep position, but adding a pillow to your bent legs in the Yearner sleep position can control movement during sleeping, decrease shoulder pain, and elongate your spine for better posture.

healthy mattress and sleep positions

The Log

Position - People that sleep in the log position sleep with their their arms arms in the side.

Personality - Log sleepers typically are easy going and are sociable. They are known to be be popular and go with the flow, but they can be manipulated because of their gullible nature.

Health Benefit - All side sleeping positions are great for when you are pregnant and sleeping on on the left side according to What To Expect When Expecting allows maximum blood flow and can reduce swelling in the legs. Often pregnancy issues that interfere with efficient sleep can be the size of the abdomen, back pain, heartburn, and shortness of breath to name a few. Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side to help increase blood and nutrition to the placenta and baby according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Healthy mattress

The Fetus

Position - People that sleep in the Yearner position sleep with their back is curved and head is bowed, with the legs bent towards the torso.

Personality - Looked at as the one of the most common sleep position, Fetus sleepers are sensitive and caring. They can be shy at first and then once warmed up can easily be themselves and act naturally. More women sleep in fetus sleep position.

Health Benefit - The health benefit with Fetus Sleep position helps relieve pain from spine issues. According to Spine-health.com, the fetus sleep position can be helpful when suffering from Osteoarthritis by decreasing pain associated with pressure on the facet joint. Also, the Fetus Position can help relieve pressure on the nerve root when it comes to Spinal Stenosis.



The Futon Shop Suggests The Ecopure as the #1 Pick For Side Sleepers because it’s designed for comfort and the right amount of firmness for support and comfort. The wool gives it a plush feel and the dunlop latex gives the right amount about spring and firmness that lasts with quality. This mattress has wool as a natural fire retardant and is encased with a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Case.

futon mattresses and sleep guide

Who Should Sleep On Their Back:

People should actually not sleep on their back if they have:

- Sleep Apnea

- People With Back and Spine Issues- throughout the night the pain will increase

- People That suffer From Gerd Or Who Are Pregnant- increases nighttime heartburn

- People That Snore

If you do not check yes to any of the above, back sleeping is a great position

What Mattress Is Suggested : Medium To Firm Mattress

Chemical Free Option
EcoSupport Mattress : The EcoSupport has 3 main features that add comfort, pressure relief, and hypoallergenic wool to add an extra soft feel. The Latex and 733 4 inch springs give added comfort while sleeping on your back.

Organic Option
Organic Nova Mattress

Pillow Tip:

The Futon Shop suggests adding a pillow or two under the legs to give relief to the lower back while sleeping on your back.

sleep position

The Soldier

Position - People that sleep in the Soldier sleep position sleep on their back with both arms close to their side.

Personality - this position resembles people who keep things to themselves and do not like to cause any drama. People who sleep in this position can be somewhat of A personality types.

Health Benefit - If beauty is important to you, sleeping on your back slows down the chance of getting more wrinkles, according to Dr. Jaliman. But think about if snoring and sleep apnea is worth it, these two sleeping cons increase while sleeping in any of the back sleeping positions.

mattresses and sleep position

The Starfish

Position - People sleeping in the Starfish Position sleep on their back with both arms around a pillow.

Personality - according to the sleep study, people in this sleeping position are often great friends and tend to be that person you go to to vent and know you this person is accountable and there for you.

Health Benefit - Again this position can help decrease wrinkles, decrease acne, and is comfortable for the back. Be sure to move around position in order to decrease shoulder nerve pain.

healthy mattress


The Futon Shop Suggests The Ecosupport as the #1 Pick For Back Sleepers because it is designed with three features: natural latex, micro coils, and chemical free wool. One of The Futon Shop’s customer favorite mattress, this mattress has wool as a natural non toxic fire retardant and the springs and latex combination gives a plush and supportive sleep for the back position. This mattress has wool as a natural fire retardant and is encased with a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Case.

sleep on your stomach sleeping position Firm futon mattresses sleep position

Sleeping On Your Stomach

This position out of all positions gets the worst rap, but if you have been sleeping in this position your whole life then here is a mattress options and tips.

Who Should Sleep On Their Stomach:

Most people will fall asleep on their side or their back, but often throughout the night will toss and turn and end up sleeping on their stomach. If this is a position you end up sleeping on, the best mattress to sleep on is a extra firm mattress to give added support for the curvature of the spine.

What Mattress Is Suggested : Extra Firm

Chemical Free Option
Cocopedic Mattress : The Cocopedic mattress has coconut husk infused with latex, with layers of latex and wool. The coconut coir is a great alternative to petroleum based firm foam. The coconut coir is extremely firm, with no movement. The latex give bounce and and supports the head, shoulder, hip, and back, lumbar, pelvic, upper and lower leg, and feet, but stays firm with 2 inches of the coconut coir. The wool is used as a natural fire retardant and maintains a thin layer of softness that cradles while you sleep.

Pillow Tip:

The best option while sleeping on your stomach is to sleep on a soft wool pillow.

healthy mattress

The FreeFall

Position - People in the Freefall position sleep on their stomach holding onto a pillow, with their head turned to one side.

Personality - people who sleep in the FreeFall sleep position are can be outgoing and at times arrogant, but also often avoid criticism because they can be oversentive.

Health Benefit - According to Spinal-Health.com, sleeping in the FreeFall Position relieves pain from a herniated lumbar disc, specifically the paracentral disc herniation.



The Futon Shop Suggests The Cocopedic as the #1 Pick For Stomach Sleepers because it is designed with the most durable ingredients: coconut coir, wool, and dunlop latex. Creating a supportive firm comfortable night’s rest that is hypoallergenic, dust mite and mildew resistant. This mattress has wool as a natural fire retardant and is encased with a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Case.

Learn More About Sleep Positions.

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