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Sleep Secure With Wool

Friday, May 20, 2016 2:13:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sleep Secure With Wool

Sleep Secure With Wool

Why You Should Buy A Mattress With A Good Warranty

The benefits of buying a mattress that comes with a proper warranty can sometimes be obvious and sometimes rather hard to weigh. When you buy a product with a thorough warranty you are getting a product the manufacturer is willing to stand by. When you buy a mattress such as our Chemical Free All Wool Futon Mattress you are getting unbelievable comfort from a company that is willing to help you get the best rest of your life.

What To Watch Out For When Buying A Mattress & Why

  • A mattress with zero guarantees
  • A mattress made with “proprietary” materials
  • A mattress bought from a company that does not specialize in bedroom products

  • What Is Good Warranty Information?

    Specifics on how long the materials themselves last means that the ingredients have been tested and inspected thoroughly

    Type of use and sleeper comfort preferences your mattress works best for

    How Not To Void Your Warranty

    Follow Care Instructions Carefully - Do Not Get Your Mattress Wet

    Recommended use with a slatted platform bed frame that will allow the underside of the mattress exposure to air.

    Consult with a chemical free sleep specialist at The Futon Shop for care instructions

    Understand how your body type will naturally wear your mattress and buy the most suitable product for your comfort level and durability requirements. We can always help you get the best sleep and remember that for premium purchases your comfort is guaranteed for 30 days!

    Consult with a chemical free sleep specialist
    Send us the information

    What Constitutes As A Manufacture Defect?

    If you believe your mattress has a defect please follow these instructions right away.

    Send Us A Picture
    If you think your mattress has a defect please send a picture ASAP to CustomerService@TheFutonShop.com

    Details of reception
    When and where did you receive your mattress and what did you find the mattresses state to be during drop-off.

    Common questions:

    There are a few tiny holes in my mattress. Is this a defect?
    When we tack the mattress occasionally the tacking needle gets rejected resulting in an occasional minor hole in the mattress. This will not affect the life or use of the mattress what-so-ever. If the mattress has numerous (7 or more that is a defect and we can repair it for you.)

    I have had my mattress for a few months and it is moldy
    If you never sun dried, rotated or flipped your futon mattress it can develop a sink hole where you sleep. Simply put it in the sun for a day on each side and it should fluff back up to some extent. see our warranty mattress care sheet you got as a link on your invoice

    Comfort Guarantee


    The warranty on the new mattress and foundation you purchase is not an indicator of how long the product should be used before replacement. The mattress warranty is there to protect the customer from product defects, not against the gradual loss of comfort and support. Moreover, different manufacturers offer different mattress warranties, and you should check with the manufacturer of your mattress for product-specific information.

    - See more at: http://bettersleep.org/mattresses-and-more/mattress-warranties#sthash.5ee2F6AK.dpuf




    Things that can void a warranty


    What does a mattress warranty actually cover?



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