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10 Top Reasons To Support Small Business Saturday November 26th

Thursday, November 10, 2016 2:53:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

10 Reasons To Shop Local And Support Small Business Saturday November 26th

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"From the mom-and-pop storefront shops that anchor Main Street to the high-tech startups that keep America on the cutting edge, small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones of our Nation’s promise. These businesses create two out of every three new jobs in America, helping spur economic development in communities across our country and giving millions of families and individuals the opportunity to achieve the American dream. Through events such as Small Business Saturday, we keep our local economies strong and help maintain an American economy that can compete and win in the 21st century."

- Barack Obama

What Is Shop Small Saturday?

Shop Small Saturday was founded by American Express and started on November 27th in 2010. It became so popular and was supported by all 50 states in America by the Senate. The Together the mission is to increase shopping small businesses and help the community thrive. The list of business supporters range from Fedex, AT&T, Anchorage to Greenbay, to every little town in between. Here is a list of your neighborhood supporting Shop Small Saturday.

What Is Shop Small?

Shop small is all about contributing to shopping in your neighborhood to help businesses thrive in your community.

What is Small Business Saturday?

It is shopping small in your neighborhood the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

How Can You Participate?

Shop or dine in your neighborhood. Show your support and use your American Express card if you have one.

Click here for Shop Small map to see what is going on in your neighborhood. The Futon Shop 11 Locations

1) #shopsmall Strengthens Local Economy

When shopping in stores and dining in restaurants in your neighborhood, you are supporting local vendors. This helps your neighbors and in return the whole of your community. Owners, farmers, chefs and the like will thrive and in return, be able to shop and use more local sources for their stores and restaurants. A few studies from the Institute of Local Self Reliance show that from a case study from Maine Center for Economic Policy, “independently owned businesses is significantly greater than that of national chains”. After looking at 28 small business in Portland Maine, the researchers found that $100 spent at a small business in their neighborhood directly correlated to additional $58 to the local economy. While the same amount given to a chain store yields just $33 in their local economy. From the research and many more like it, the case study concludes that 10 percent of spending from chains to shop small businesses would generate $127 million to your local economy and 874 new jobs.

2) #shopsmall Supports Local Artists, Manufacturers, And Makers In Any Industry

Nothing feels warmer than walking in your neighborhood and talking to a local artist that lives in your neighborhood. Maybe even watching how your mattress is made by a family in town for multiple generations. What about supporting your favorite restaurant and thanking the Chef after an amazing meal. These feel good memories made in your hometown has a direct effect when you shop small.

3) #shopsmall Increased Healthy Choices For Your Family

The Futon Shop is a great example of a local manufacturer in San Francisco for the past 40 years. Because The Futon Shop sources cotton from local California farmers, customers feel a little more connected with the bed they sleep on every night. Because companies like The Futon Shop hand-make their own futons and products in America, it is easier to know what is inside the product. Customer only have to make one phone call and often Suzanne Diamond will have a long discussion about what ingredients are in her products. It is easy to see the benefits when it comes dining and finding options when it comes to local sourced meat, veggies, and fruit, but do not forget furniture and more products that need to be vetted and checked through to avoid toxins that can harm you.

4) #shopsmall Encourages Community Support From Local Businesses

When shopping in your neighborhood it automatically creates a small town feel. If you shop enough time, people will begin to recognize you and relationships are built. Going to a restaurant with your family once a week, you might notice more smiles and conversation about more personal events in your life. This kind of activity creates a community atmosphere. In fact, it can create a sense of home and community increasing the chance of volunteering and other activities to help out your town ranging from feeding the homeless, donating or helping out the police and fire department and anything that you can involve yourself in the community.

5) #shopsmall Creates A One-of-A-Kind Feel To Your Town

This is as simple as walking downtown and finding more shops that sell items made from crafters in your town to finding clothes, toys, and books that are not sold in chain stores that are found in every town. It is special to be able to walk into a town and find special unique products. It is fun to shop downtown and find newly created recipes and beautiful art made by local artists. The Futon Shop appreciates the Shop Small Saturday movement and thanks their loyal customers over the past 40 years that have been asking for American made natural home furnishings with high quality premium chemical free futon mattresses and other premium American Made products.

Here is a list of our local Futon Shop Showrooms locations.

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