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Outdoor Futon Frames

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Outdoor Futon Frames

Outdoor Futon Frames


The elements for relaxing outdoor living and entertaining can be as budget conscious or as elaborate as one wants to go. Most of us are cutting corners these days with regard to vacations and are opting instead for outdoor home improvements and outdoor living areas for quiet times, celebrations and “stay-cations.” The most important element in a well-defined and well-enjoyed outdoor living space is outdoor furniture that fits our personal style and our particular budget, there are many choices available. The most popular types of outdoor furniture include wood, aluminum, steel or iron, wicker, and plastic or pvc.

Outdoor furniture made from wood is attractive and sturdy, but does require some regular maintenance with a UV resistant stain and some type of preservative. Make sure you know what type of wood you’re buying and how to take care of it to prevent splitting, cracking, rotting, or bug infestation. Select woods that have an innate resistance to rot, mold, and decay-causing insects and organisms. Most woods are not suitable for outdoor furniture, however two main categories of hardwoods that do hold up to the demands of the outdoor environment are tropical hardwoods and domestic hardwoods. Examples of Tropical hardwoods include Mahogany, Balau and Teak. Examples of domestic hardwoods include white oak, black cherry, black walnut. A few other examples include weather-resistant woods are, redwood, cypress and cedar. All of these woods have physical barriers to rot built into the pores of the wood, called tyloses. They actually fill the pores of these fine woods, blocking out moisture and decay causing organisms. Other varieties such as cypress or redwood have natural chemicals that repel insects, bacteria and are resistant to rotting.

Eucalyptus is a sustainably harvested plantation grown hardwood that possesses a smooth finish, lovely grain and a rich honey-red color that weathers beautifully due to the high oil content of its wood, and it smells good to boot. Eucalyptus is less expensive and much easier to maintain than some of the other woods used for outdoor furniture.

Just Lean Back is a company that makes great outdoor futon frames made out of solid hardwood.

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