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Natural Latex Mattress Ingredient

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 2:32:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Natural Latex

Natural Latex Mattress Ingredient

Dunlop Latex is the Natural, ideal choice for those with chemical sensitivities who want to sleep better. In addition to its high durability (lasting up to 20 years), resistance to heat and high elasticity, it does not off gas, is also naturally Hypoallergenic, Anti-fungal, Anti-Bacterial and dust mite resistant. As if the natural properties retained in this product were not enough, the way in which it is manufactured is also eco-friendly. Dunlop Latex

  • 2 one inch latex cores
  • 34-38 ILD - 85-90 Density
  • Chemical Free.
  • Superior Pressure Relief.
  • Anti-microbial Dust mite Resistant.

Dunlop Latex

From Latexco LLC

Our partner has access to the finest quality 100% natural Dunlop rubber latex from its strategic partner plantations in Sri Lanka and India assuring us the best quality material for our mattresses. Natural latex is manufactured from the sap of the rubber tree. It has many unique properties such as extreme stretching up to 200% resistance to heat, high elasticity and bio-degradability. Combining all these superior properties, our scientists have developed an ideal mattress to rejuvenate your body and give you comfortable sleep. Click here to see the technical information on The Futon Shop's latex.    
Pressure relief
chemical free

Value of Natural Latex Extracted from the sap of the rubber tree, Natural latex foam has several superior properties, resistant to heat, 200% stretchability, high elasticity, anti-bacterial properties. Our latex sheets are washed in warm water, to remove all impurities make it a safe product and chemically free. Our curing system ensures that every mattress core is perfectly cured and evaluated for harness, permanent deformation, breaking stains, aging and density, ensuring that every core is world-class.  The latex sheets have air holes to support your body curves. The pinholes in the latex core allows the mattress to breath and thus reduce heat build up while providing natural ventilation. Our Dunlop cores provide each sleeper with total support and an individual sleeping surface, making it highly unlikely you will be disturbed by your partners movements. Our latex cores mattress never need to be flipped and are naturally conforming to your bodies pressure points. Dunlop Process Open mould filling system essential for making our high quality 100% Natural Latex cores.
  • Compounding - The compounds are 100% natural latex, tapped from a rubber tree.
  • Vulcanizing - Steam cure technique with design engineered thousands of stainless steel pin of the right size and shape give the most efficient vulcanization that makes our latex so comfortable and durable. These pins keep the natural latex characteristics undisturbed through the vulcanizing process.
  • Washing - Multi-cycle washing method using drinkable quality water to ensure clean & pure latex mattress cores.
  • Drying & conditioning - Drying & conditioning – A soft condition drying mechanism is used to enhance the natural feel of the product and eliminates all residual moisture.

Indentation load deflection

I.L.D., " Indentation load deflection", is measured by putting a 15"x15"x4" specimen of foam in an indentometer and measuring the weight required to push the foam down to 25%, 65% and back to 25% of its thickness. Therefore, an I.L.D. rating of 10 lbs. at 25% means that it takes 10 lbs. to compress the foam 25%, 65% I.L.D. compresses the foam 65% and will have a higher figure, then it is brought back to 25% and this is generally the right I.L.D. rating. These days I.F.D, "Indentation force deflection", is sometimes used instead of ILD but means the same thing. We offer the following latex ILDS– Soft: 18-22, MMedium: 23-27, Firm: 34-38, & Extra Extra Firm 45-49 DENSITY - Lbs. per cubic foot is simply the DENSITY of the foam and is not related to I.L.D. at all. You can have a high I.L.D. on a low density piece of foam and conversely a low I.L.D. on a high density foam. The higher the density of the foam, the better the quality and durability of the foam. I.L.D. has nothing to do with the quality, it merely indicates the softness or the hardness of a piece of foam. We offer the following latex Densities–Soft: 70-75, Medium: 75-80, Firm: 85-90, Extra Extra Firm 95-100  

Global Organic Latex Standard

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