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Maintaining Your Futon

Thursday, January 19, 2017 12:37:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

Maintaining Your futon frame, and futon mattress

Maintaining Your futon frame, and futon mattress

After you have spent days or weeks deciding on the perfect futon mattress and futon frame for your needs, you want to make sure that it lasts a long time. Making sure that you regularly maintain your futon frame will ensure that it lasts for years and years. The maintenance is very easy, most of the time being completed within 5 minutes. When you receive your futon frame make sure that you keep the assembly hardware in a readily accessible place. One convenient place is to tape the allen key and wrench underneath the seat section or behind the front stretcher rail of the frame. Check the bolts on your futon frame every couple of months. If they're loose, lightly tighten them, but take care not to over tighten them. Temperature change can cause wood frames to slightly shrink, creating movement or creaking. This “play” in the frame, if not corrected can lead to damage to the wood or to the plastic rollers that assist in the conversion mechanism of the frame. Tightening the arms to the stretcher rails will prevent excess movement that causes bolts to bend and wood to chip and crack.

soap or candle wax

In addition to tightening the bolts, it is also advisable to “grease” the roller track (if applicable) in the arm of your frame. This can be done by rubbing the canal with either bar soap or candle wax. This little bit of wax will help the rollers move, reduce friction of the moving parts and make the conversion easier to perform. As a general rule of thumb, if you ever feel like you are forcing a part to move, stop and remove the mattress. Check all of the bolts and make sure the rollers are also fastened tightly.

A majority of the damages people see with wood futon frames are caused by forcing the frame to convert when it is stuck. Futon frames are designed to convert with fairly little force or effort. Forcing the frame to convert is the first indication that something is not right with your frame. Inspect the tightness of all of the bolts as well as the condition of the rollers. In some instances, thicker, higher end futon mattresses will make the conversion process a little difficult when the mattress is new. This difficulty subsides with regular use.


Maintaining your futon mattress really depends on the ingredients inside. No matter what ingredients you have inside your mattress, every mattress and futon needs to be aired out once a year. Take all the bedding off, unzip the mattress is possible. Place your mattress in a sunny window or on a patio or deck, on a hot sunny day. The sun will dry out any moisture inside your mattress, and if it is made with natural fibers it will dry out and the natural fibers will poof back up. It is the same as hanging clothes out in the sun; they get a cleaner smell and feel. If you futon is mostly cotton you will need to air it out more regularly. Cotton absorbs moisture, and get hard, flat and heavy. Sunny your cotton futon will fluff back up the cotton as it dries.

Futons like to be rotated the same as any mattress. Head to Toe, back to front, is a good rotation monthly. Rotating a mattress just makes sense, as one tends to sleep in the same spot each night. This rotate will ensure a more even exposure to heat and weight and therefore this will give your mattress a longer life.

Checking the bolts and placing wax or soap in the roller canal on a regular basis will ensure that your futon frames lasts for years. Rotating your futon mattress with annual sunning will also ensure a longer and happier life to your futon mattress.


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