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Small Space Saving Love Seat Futons Shopping Guide

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 9:29:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

Small Space Saving Love Seat Futons Shopping Guide

The Easiest Shopping Guide For Queen Size Futons


What Are the Dimensions Of Loveseats In Twin, Double, And Queen

Full/Double Futon Dimension
Full/Double XLFuton Dimension
Full/Double XLFuton Dimension


How Do I Measure When Decorating With A Loveseat?

Loveseats come in twin, full/double, and queen size futon sofabeds. First pick the room you want to decorate. Measure the wall space and the space into the room. Be sure to include measuring in any other pieces in the room. When looking over The Futon Shop measurements of a loveseat, it is important to measure the loveseat as a couch, lounger, and as a bed. Each loveseat frame has different dimensions and are included in each page listed dimensions. When measuring for the room, it is important to measure the loveseat futon frame you like. You can also call a salesperson at any of our showrooms and we can easily assist you with you measurements. If you give us your wall and room space, we can give you a list of your options.

What Size Sheets Do I Need For Double Size Futon?

Just shop for the standard twin, double/full, and Queen sheets for loveseat futon size sofabeds.

What Size Loveseat Futon Sofabed Is Best?

A Twin Size Futon Loveseat is great for seating one person with tight spaces in a home. A double full loveseat is great for seating one or two comfort. A queen loveseat is a great option for tall people and a clever solutions for saving space along the wall. Maximize your space, with converting futon loveseats. Instead of getting a traditional sofa sleeper that takes up wall space as a couch and room space when you pull out the mattress, check out The Futon Shop’s Loveseat category.




Twin Outdoor Futon LoveSeats

A house that allows an outside lifestyle is ideal and can be fun to decorate. Try The Futon Shop's budget friendly options in the natural outdoor loveseat section. Pick what fits your home style and have fun making creating memories with furniture without the chemicals.


Outdoor Futon Twin Loveseat Slipcover


#tinyapartment Living

Living in Tiny homes is a growing trend in America. It is actually a movement! Thousands of people across the United States that have been living in a 2600 square foot home are transitioning into tiny 100-400 square feet tiny homes or tiny apartments. It is inspiring how creative and passionate this community is fighting for sustainability and have crazy good organizational skills.

One Small Tip: See below in the Minimalist Living Room/Guest Room gallery: Loveseats under 60 inches wide. Check Out Video Below: PBS Covered This Interested Way of Life


Twin Loveseats Under 60 Inches Wide

Shop Space Saving Loveseats

Shop Space Saving Loveseats


Double/Full Loveseats Under 60 Inches Wide

Shop Space Saving Loveseats


Modern Decor: Loveseat Futons

Modern Interior design began in the late 19th century after World War ll in a time when practicality and efficiency was needed. The Futon Shop's loveseat Modern Sofa Bed Futons exemplify function and practicality. Shop great loveseat options with minimalistic looks and clean and an easy converting mechanism. The Covers are all stain resistant and fits every budget.

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