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White Leather Futon vs. Black Leather Futon

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 11:36:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

Leather Sofa Beds

White Leather Futon vs. Black Leather Futon

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Leather sofa beds are perfect for updating your living room, bedroom or dining room adding the feeling of luxury and quality. A nice leather sofa bed can add traditional charm or modern appeal to a foyer, living room, parlor, family room or sitting room, and leather headboards create a regal atmosphere in any bedroom. Lifestyle Solution's Kingsley Leather Sofa Bed Frame is a perfect example of this.

Black Leather
White Leather

Leather is popular because it is breathable, providing ventilation, absorption and maintenance of humidity. Leather is also a temperature regulating material, retaining warmth in the cold and providing cooling through ventilation in the heat. It is a misconception that leather is cold. It takes only 12 seconds to warm up to body temperature. When looking to purchase leather furniture, you will need to consider style, size and color. More importantly, when shopping for quality and value in home furnishings it helps to know exactly what you are paying for. Shopping for leather furniture is even more difficult, as there different types or grades of leather are used to create furniture. Each has their own pro’s and con’s. To make matters more difficult, some manufacturers use the word ‘leather’ for products that contain little to no real leather. You want to be sure if you are purchasing leather furniture that you know exactly what type of leather you are getting. Not all leathers are created equal. Leather can undergo complex treatment processes in order to create numerous furniture products, hence the many different terms being thrown around. Each type of leather has its own characteristic look and feel, making them better suited for some uses and not others. Knowing the different types of leather and which will fit your lifestyle can help save time and money.


Black and white are a perfect color combination for any decorating style. Black and white decorating gives a fresh, clean, elegant and creates a dramatic decor. Using the color black can create a focal point to a room. You can try to pair black and white together to create real drama and spark which maximize your decorating statement.

Black Leather

Black is visually heavy and very strong. Black’s most common association is power, authority and strength. Black refers to intelligence, professionalism, mourning and mystery.It may be considered as a serious color.
White leather

White is considered safe and open. White is directly linked goodness and peace. White projects clarity, cleanliness, purity and salvation. White refers to creative thought and is also synonymous with fresh beginnings. White is positive, clear and open color.
Source: Psychology of Black and White , A Designer's Guide to Decorating in Black and White


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