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New Shocking Report: The Scary Truth About Toxins Found In Kids Makeup Products

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 12:01:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

New Shocking Report: The Scary Truth About Toxins Found In Kids Makeup Products


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Shocking new report released by the Breast Cancer Fund’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed the widespread presence of toxic chemicals in Children’s products. The Breast Cancer Fund worked with partners across the United States and have conducted an extensive report that collected 39 makeup products ranging from lip balm, nail and makeup kits found in toy aisles and in party favors as well as shampoos and lotion marketed to kids. These products listed either styrene-based or fragrance could lead to trace level of VOCs. A third party lab confirmed this and found 20% of products had at least one of the ingredients that could lead to trace levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and 4 having the potential to lead to serious long-term health care effects including reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, and two listed as a possible carcinogen.


Not only are toxic chemicals like petroleum, PBDES, and pesticides found in our homes, but now marketers are targeting children with kids products that have dangerous cancerous toxins hidden without labels keeping parents blind and unable to protect their children! Parents have a right to purchase chemical free furniture and makeup products for their children without harming their children. Here are a few makeup products that were found to have toxins:


- Children’s Shampoos

- Lip Balms

- nail products

- face paints

- Makeup


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and each purchase at The Futon Shop supports the Breast Cancer Fund. 1% of each purchase goes to Breast Cancer Fund and can help future research like their Safe Cosmetics Campaign reported today. Read Breast Cancer Fund’s report of toxic chemicals hiding inside your kids makeup


The Futon Shop


- Labels revealed hormone disrupting parabens and preservatives that release the carcinogen formaldehyde

- Laboratory testing unmasked lead, a neurotoxicant, and cadmium, a hormone disruptor, in face paintings

- Laboratory testing also revealed developmental toxicants like toluene and possible carcinogens, such as ethylbenzene and vinyl acetate in fragranced products.


The Futon Shop

Source: Click here to read the report


The Futon Shop's mission to create the purest organic home furnishings has everything to do with the well being and health of our consumers and the environment. Organic and sustainable practices is an unspoken corporate social responsibility and customers have a right to know what it is they are buying on the market and that includes kid’s products. Kid’s personal care products and makeup should be free from any chemicals especially since kids are vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemical exposures during critical windows of development. Toxic chemicals found in homes where children sleep and play, and makeup and face paint products that are used by children must be eliminated since there is evidence of scientific data linking childhood exposures to cancer-causing chemicals and endocrine disrupting compounds to later in life breast cancer or other diseases.


The Futon Shop’s decision to collaborate with the Breast Cancer Fund and to give a percentage of sales to their organization in the month of October was an easy decision after reviewing what they do to fight against toxins in the environment.

“The Breast Cancer Fund only partners with companies like The Futon Shop whose work aligns with and supports their mission to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease. The Futon Shop is proud to provide a safe, non-toxic, flame retardant free alternative to the furniture marketplace and to partner with an organization that shares its values.”


Tell Congress To Act Now To Make Children’s Health And Safety A Priority.


The Futon Shop


Read Here About: pretty scary ingredients found in kid’s personal care products and makeup on the market.

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