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Is My Mattress Really Organic?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 2:39:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

Is It Really Organic?

Is My Mattress Really Organic?


Is my mattress really organic? If you purchase an organic mattress, every ingredient inside will carry a certificate indicating that it is organic. Different products have different certifications. For an item to be certified organic under the National Organic Program (NOP) or by GOTS, a specific type of certificate is required for each shipment. One such certificate is called a transaction certificate. The Transaction Certificate is a load specific document that verifies compliance to the NOP standards. For instance, if a manufacturer (processor) purchases felted organic wool and cotton, by the bat or pound, they will get a transaction certificate from the felter (producer) with each bat certified organic in the certificate. If a manufacturer felts their own wool or cotton, they will have a USDA certificate for cotton fibers and GOTS certificate for wool fibers.

What is a Transaction Certificate?

A transaction certificate is document transferring the certified organic materials from a factory or farm (origin) to the end user, whenever the materials have not be opened, sliced, cut, felted or used in any way. Meaning, it came from the farm directly to the manufacturer untouched and certified by lot and piece. This is so the product can be followed to ensure legitimacy and a clear trail of certification can be traced. Latex from a manufacture without a transaction certificate cannot be labeled as organic as per NOP guidelines.

USDA Certified Organic Cotton

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

GOLS Certified Organic Latex

GOLS Certified Organic Coconut

Fabric that is certified organic will use a GOTS certificate. So fabric made from cotton, wool or animal hair must be certified organic. Most GOTS organic cotton fabric comes from India China and Pakistan and the shipment will come to the manufacture with a transaction certificate from GOTS. These certificates can be looked up online or supplied to you by the manufacturer.

Every piece of GOLS certified latex or coconut coir will have a transaction certificate from the factory to the end user or mattress manufacturer. If a manufacturer cannot supply a transaction certificate, for the latex in your mattress, than the latex is may not organic.

SSA Specialty Sleep Association

The SSA Specialty Sleep Association has recently announced they are implementing a new program looking more clearly at environmental and safety program surround the "greening claims" in mattresses.

The Futon Shop's Organic cotton Mattresses have been around since 1976. The Futon Shop, based in San Francisco manufacture and hand make each and every mattress. Each Organic cotton bed is made by request. If a customer needs no fire retardants, all production stops and the machines are cleaned and the mattress is made clean and fire retardant free. Please refer to are chemical free page for more info.

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