How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

Tips on buying a futon slipcover:

If you are looking to purchase a futon slipcover you may have noticed there are hundreds if not thousands of options available, ranging from color, pattern, size, and price. Perhaps you are looking for traditional floral print, or a contemporary design or stripe pattern, or possibly a microfiber futon cover. A few basic items to consider before purchasing your futon cover include: what room you will be using your futon in and if you have pets or children. If you are in a moist environment or are planning to have your mattress outside, an acrylic outdoor futon slipcover will be ideal rather than a cotton slipcover as cotton absorbs moisture and the acrylic is both moisture and mold resistant. For children and pets, a microfiber cover may be a better option as microfiber is stain resistant, water repellant and machine washable.

Consider your reasons for buying. When shoppers are considering purchasing a slipcover it is usually for one of two reasons, to change the look of an old futon or to protect their futon from damage by dirt or soiling if children or pets. Knowing the function of the slipcover often helps decide the type of slipcover to choose. Additionally, the room that the futon is in will also be a factor when selecting futon slipcover colors and patterns.

Another item to consider is the materials and the futon slipcover construction. Futon slipcovers can be made from cotton, wool, polyester, spandex and linen. The most common are cotton, cotton blends and polyester. If you've determined that your furniture will be getting heavy traffic, look for durable slipcovers made from heavy cotton. It's also best to go with a dark-colored slipcover or one with a pattern that can hide stains if you're buying a slipcover to protect your furniture. For a tighter, less baggy look, a thin slipcover made from a stretchy polyester or polyester blend may work. Polyester futon slipcovers offer the most options in terms of looks and texture from a microsuede, to velvets and corduroy. Some fabrics will come with futon slipcover piping, a decorative accent that adds spice and protection to your cover.

One of the most important factors when considering which to purchase is the futon slipcover size. Most futon mattresses conform to standard mattress sizes, but it is always a good idea to measure your mattress to be sure. Don't forget to measure not only the length and width, but also the loft or height as well. Most slipcovers have a standard loft between six to eight inches, but you may be able to find a futon mattress retailer that offers custom-made covers as well.

Keeping these few quick tips in mind should help narrow down the vast number of options that you have available when buying a futon slipcover.


Fabric Swatch Sample

Sometimes you just have to see the fabric in person to really know what it’s like. With that in mind, we’ve made it easy to request samples of any fabric.

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Choosing the right cover starts with getting to know the futon slipcover fabrics

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