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8 Different Types of Mattresses

Monday, October 8, 2018 11:03:24 AM America/Los_Angeles

8 Different Types of Mattresses

Guest Post: 8 Types of Mattresses

by Samantha Fink : www.housetipster.com

In order to stay happy and healthy you should try and have a good sleep each night. To ensure you’re rested it’s important to have a high-quality mattress. A cozy and solid mattress can offer you the wonderful sleep you’re craving.

Types of mattresses

1. Memory Foam Mattress

    A memory foam mattress is the best choice if you’re looking for good comfort when you’re sleeping. This type of mattress is affected by temperature and weight will change its shape due to how much a person weighs as well as their body temperature. It will offer wonderful support to a person’s shoulder and hip. In addition to its ability to conform to people’s body types, it also is resistant to mold, bacteria and bed bugs.

2. Gel Mattress

    A gel mattress mixes together gel and memory foam to create an extremely comfortable and breathable mattress. This mattress offers people a refreshing sleep because they offer more air circulation. People don’t need to worry about being too hot during the night since it’s designed to have body heat escape quickly. A gel mattress is ideal for people who love to move around often while sleeping since it will spring back to its normal shape quickly after a person is done sleeping. The mattress will not stick to your body and leave you feeling trapped as with most memory foam mattresses.

3. Pillow Top Mattress

    A pillow top mattress is designed solely for relaxing. It’s extremely soft since it has an additional layer of padding at the top of the mattress for even more comfort while sleeping. If you crave a mattress that will make it hard to get up in the morning due to its level of comfort, then a pillow top mattress is your best option. This mattress offers a very deep sleep and is great for people who sleep on their back or side.

4. Innerspring Mattress

    An innerspring mattress is one of the most common types of mattresses available. It is based on a steel coil support system. The coils are covered by layers of padding and foam. Often, the more coils in the mattress the more support it will offer a person while they’re sleeping. Therefore, when buying an innerspring mattress, it’s wise to consider what type of coils the mattress has. The least expensive type of coils are continuous coils while the most expensive coils are marshall or pocketed coils. This type of mattress is very affordable for the everyday consumer and is easy to move.

5. Water Bed Mattress

    A water bed mattress is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a vinyl mattress that contains water. There are two types of water bed mattresses: a softside waterbed and a hardside waterbed. A softside waterbed has the appearance of a regular mattress but makes you feel as though you’re floating on thin air when you’re sleeping since it has an additional layer of padding as well as the water. A hardside water mattress has a hard bed frame and a heater under the fluid chamber to ensure the water in the mattress is at a respectable and safe temperature while sleeping. Each of these mattresses has their own benefits, it just depends on your personal preference while sleeping.

6. Air Mattress

    An air mattress is blown up and made from either vinyl, plastic or rubber. It’s very easy to use since it just requires air in order for it to take its shape. This mattress is affordable and easy to transport since it can be deflated. An air mattress can be made more inviting and comfortable with soft sheets. Also, you can add a memory foam or down mattress topper to this mattress to increase its level of comfort.

7. Latex Mattresses

    Latex mattresses make use of latex foam instead of the common memory foam. They can give people additional support to their shoulders, hips and any other areas that may be causing them pain. If you have back pain this mattress will be perfect for you since it’s structured to elevate pain that a person may feel in their back. In addition to supporting areas of your body that may cause pain, this mattress is good at suppressing movement.

8. Adjustable Base Mattress

    Adjustable base mattresses are considered to be one of the best mattresses for people who are experiencing pain. This type of mattress is created to give added comfort to common areas of pain: such as the back and neck. The adjustable base mattress allows people to move the mattress at both the head and foot end. This mattress can be angled in a way that best supports your body and any areas of discomfort.
    Not only does this mattress offer relief to people who are experiencing neck or back pain, it also is designed to reduce snoring as well as sleep apnea and insomnia since people can adjust the frame of the bed. Often when people are angled at a certain position while sleeping they will be less likely to snore or have difficulty sleeping due to breathing issues. This bed is great for helping you get a restful and uninterrupted night sleep since you can customize the angle of the bed frame until you feel fully relaxed. You will no longer need to worry about tossing and turning during the night and getting no relief.


    Picking out a new mattress is an investment that should be given adequate thought since it’s best for your overall well-being to have a restful night sleep. With the various types of mattresses available, you should consider which mattress you feel is best suited towards your sleeping habits and budget. Also, you should factor in any type of pain you may be experiencing while sleeping since particular mattresses are designed for comfort more than others. Once you find your ideal mattress it will be hard to remember a time when you didn’t have a soothing and peaceful night sleep.


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