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Futon Mattresses | Futon Bed Mattresses

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 2:09:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Futon Mattresses

Futon Mattresses

Traditional Futon Mattresses

All tradition futon mattresses from Japan (the origin of futon mattresses) are simply made of batts of compressed cotton. This traditional futon mattress, is call a shikibuton in America, can be rolled up for easy storage during the day. A traditional futon from japan is very thin, so it is easy to store away during the day, as many Japanese live, sleep and eat all in a one room apartment, so saving space is essential. Although this concept is ideal for one room living, American futon mattresses are very different than their Japanese cousins.

traditional futon

Western Futon Mattresses

There is an advantage to most futon mattresses; you can unzip them and see what is inside. An American futon mattress can be made with springs, pocketed coils, polyurethane foams in the form of high resilient foam, memory foam or memory gels, cotton, wool, Dacron, latex or even coconut coir. Any futon mattresses that is at least 8 inches thick can be used on a futon frame as a sofa, occasional night bed, or on a platform bed and slept on every night.

Natural and Organic Futon Mattresses

The best futon mattresses on the market today are made with natural or organic ingredients without chemical fire retardants. In place of chemical flame retardants, these higher end futon mattresses use wool as a natural fire barrier allowing manufacturers to leave toxic and harmful fire retardants out of their futon mattresses. This is natural mattress is in line with the traditional concept of what a futon mattress is. The original concept of a futon mattress from Japan was as a natural sleep product. This has not changed in the better futon mattresses on the market today. Natural fibers in any type of futon mattress, (or mattresses in general) will always be superior to synthetic fibers in terms of health for your body and the environment. Natural and organic fibers are reusable and environmentally friendly compared to that of most synthetically produced bedding materials

The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses

The Futon Shop offers the largest selection of premium natural and organic futon mattresses on the market today. These traditional futons and western futons are so comfortable that they are often used as an every night bed mattress. The Futon Shop manufactures all of their mattresses in the heart of San Francisco. Unlike many mattress companies that just assemble mattresses on site, The Futon Shop actually processes its fibers by garneting their own comfort bat layers of organic wool and cotton. Their futon mattresses cannot be beat for chemical-free options, organic options comfort and support.

Futon Mattress Production

Cheap Futon Mattresses

The common misconception about futon mattresses is that they are very thin, uncomfortable mattresses with a thin layer of cotton that you throw on a cheap metal frame in your dorm room or kids play room. Although you can still find places that sell these low end mattresses, many of these cheaper futon mattresses are imported from China or other countries. These cheaply made futons usually consist of inexpensive polyurethane based materials, such as foam cores and polyester fiber batting surrounded by a thin polyester cover. The Futon Shop Mattresses are actually hand crafted with the same ingredients as traditional or conventional mattresses. They are equivalent to a regular mattress with one exception; these futon mattresses can be folded in half.

Futon Fact

Here is an interesting fact on futon mattresses. The law that governs mattress flammability, 16 CFR 1632 1633, has the same requirements for both futon mattresses and traditional mattresses. Most mattresses, even some of the natural futon mattresses, use Dacron polyester or polyester fiber as a fire barrier. The Dacron or polyester fiber melts instead of burns so it passes the fire flammability requirements, but the smoke created is completely toxic. The flammability tests do not specify the means needed to pass, only that the material not burn. This has caused manufacturers to focus only on not burning, and not so much on what they put into the material (some products contain cyanide derivatives or antimony). Mattresses that use wool as a natural fire barrier are the healthiest option.

These mattresses have been designed for use on a futon sofa bed frame and are not recommended for every night sleep They are intended for occasional use on futon sofa bed frames in guest rooms or home offices. The goal of these mattresses is to provide look and comfort while not breaking the bank.

Chemical Free Futon Mattresses

Organic Futon Mattresses

Spring Futon Mattresses

Cotton Futon Mattresses

Wool Futon Mattresses

Soy Foam Futon Mattresses

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