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Futon Frames

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Futon Frames

Futon Frames


Futon Sofa Bed: There are misconceptions about what a futon is and many people mistake modern click-clack convertible sofa beds for futon. Traditionally, Futons were used in japan as part of a bedding system. This included a foundation, a padded base called a shiki-buton, the futon mattress itself, and the comforter called a kakebuton. Modern Western style futons do not rest on the floor, but on a metal or wood frame that converts from a couch to a bed. The futon frames are made as either bi-fold or tri-fold. The futon mattress then bends with the frame. Futon frames a versatile and can be changed and updated by changing the cover or even the mattress. Versatility is the name of the game with a futon frame. They are light weight, easy to maneuver and convert from a couch to a bed and some models can even be used outside with weather resistant wood and slipcovers that protect your mattress. Just Lean Back, an American Futon Manufacturer, is one such company that makes futon frames designed for both outdoor and indoor use. In addition to outdoor frames, there are bunkbed models, front loading hardwood frames and wallhugger futon frames.

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Futon Frames

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