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Futon Bed Frames

Thursday, January 19, 2017 12:24:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

Futon Bed Frames

Futon Bed Frames

The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop is the American leader in quality, selection, and price for futon bed frames. Futon Bed Frames are the wooden (or metal) part of a sofa or sofa bed frame that converts from a couch to a bed. The higher quality futon bed frames are made from solid woods, such as oak, cherry or maple. Metal based futon frames, although very popular, cannot convert while supporting the thicker (heavier) and more comfortable futon mattresses on the market today.

Chemical Free Futon Bed Frames

When looking for futon bed frames, there are a many options available. Natural Finish or no VOC futon bed frames are available as well, such as our Chemical-Free Amish Futon Bed Frames. These beautiful frames come solid Black Walnut, (the only solid walnut futon frame on the market today), solid Cherry futon bed frames as well as Oak and Maple. These frame are available in all sizes from twin love seat to queen size in a full length sofa. These beautiful hand-crafted American made Amish futon bed frames are all hand rubbed with a flax-seed oil finish and come with a lifetime warranty.

Chemical Free Futon Bed Frame

Wallhugger Futon Bed Frame

Wall Hugger Futon Bed Frames

If you have limited floor space, Wallhugger Futon Bed Frames are a perfect solution. The wallhugger futon bed frames are amazing quality and they convert from a sofa to a bed without having to move the sofa away from the wall when you convert it. The Futon Shop is one of the largest dealers in the United States of these wall hugger futon bed frames and stocks all sizes from twin, full or queen love seat futon frame to full or queen full length sofa bed frame. These beautiful from opening and closing wall hugging futon frames come in low VOC finishes such as black walnut, pecan or dark cherry, warm cherry, maple or solid black. The maple finish shows off the natural color of the wood and is of the lightest blond color of maple. The seat deck on wall hugger futon frames sits lower to the floor removing the possibility for storage drawers. The seat section is not angled back like many traditional western style futon frames. This allows for more comfortable sitting while the frame in in its upright position.

Front Loading Futon Frames

The Futon Shop proudly brings in its own line of futon bed frames. The Futon Shop Futon Bed Frames. These beautiful futon bed frames come in 4 simple and clean arm styles, as well as modern arm styles. Each of these arm styles come in both full and queen. Each solid hardwood frames is available in a variety of low VOC finishes including; java; oak; and cherry. Easy conversion allows you to open and close the frame from the front, so you never have to open and close them from the sides or from the back. We have a cradle conversion solution to make your life easy when opening and closing a the futon bed frame. Matching underneath futon drawers are available on all full and queen size models.

Front Loading Futon Bed Frames

Outdoor Futon Bed Frames

Outdoor Futon Bed Frames

How about sleeping under the stars in the backyard, or on an outdoor porch with Outdoor Futon Bed Frames. These beautiful futon bed frames come in all sizes and shapes, from cot and chair, full and queen, chaise to love seat, to full length sofa bed. These outdoor futon bed frames are made from solid white oak with hand rubbed with teak oil finish for a hardy outdoor finish. These frames convert with wheels, or you can simple lean back and they open into a bed. You will need an Outdoor Futon Bed Frames Cover to protect you futon mattress from the elements.

Rustic Futon Bed Frames

Do you have a lakehouse or beachfront house, condo or rental property and need a sofa bed that will never break? Our rustic futon bed frame has a lifetime warranty, and can take any type of wear and tear. These Rustic Futon Bed Frames are made of solid hard pine weightings hundreds of lbs., adds a very rustic and woody look to any cabin or lodge.

Rustic Futon Bed Frames

What is a Futon Sofa Bed?

There are misconceptions about what a futon is and many people mistake modern click-clack convertible sofa beds for futons. Traditionally, futons were used in japan as part of a 3 part bedding system. This included a foundation, a padded base called a shiki-buton, the futon mattress itself, and the comforter called a kakebuton. Modern Western style futons do not rest on the floor, but on a metal or wood frame that converts from a couch to a bed. Western style futon frames are made as either bi-fold or tri-fold. The futon mattress then bends with the frame. Futon frames a versatile and can be changed and updated by changing the cover or even the mattress. Versatility is the name of the game with a futon frame. They are light weight, easy to maneuver and convert from a couch to a bed and some models can even be used outside with weather resistant wood and slipcovers that protect your mattress. Just Lean Back, an American Futon Manufacturer, is one such company that makes futon frames designed for both outdoor and indoor use. In addition to outdoor frames, there are bunkbed models, front loading hardwood frames and wallhugger futon frames.

Shiki Futon
amish Futon Frames
Modern Sofa Bed


Everything You Need To Know About Futons

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