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The Futon Shop's Father's Day Gift Guide For Every Type of Dad

Monday, June 4, 2018 2:27:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Futon Shop's Perfect Father's Day Gift Guide
Find The Best Father's Day Gift This Year

Father’s Day is Sunday June 17th this year. Are you having trouble picking a gift for Dad? Yes! He probably has everything, but what about what really matters.

The Gift For Every Type of Dad
-Perfect For The New Dad
-Perfect For The Tech Dad

The Futon Shop's Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is Sunday June 17th this year, Dad deserves the best. Pick toxic free affordable mattresses, pick a futon sofabed that has epic tech funtionality. Why not have fun this Father’s Day and show dad you appreciate him with an awesome gift.

The Perfect Gift For Techy Dad

Boys never grow up only their toys get bigger. Right? Recharge, power up and gift a Convertible Sofa Bed for his new man cave design. This Father's Day the perfect gift for the techy dad is the Westridge! Give dad double the fun with comfort and a functional built in power strip and usb sofabed.


The Perfect Gift For Every Dad

The Futon Shop’s Father’s Day Free Pillow Topper Giveaway

The Futon Shop’s Father’s Day Free Pillow Topper Wth Organic Ingredients

The Futon Shop Father's day instagram giveaway contest

• The lucky Dad will choose between soft, medium, and firm comfort for their new organic latex mattress topper.
How to enter The Futon Shop Father's day instagram giveaway contest

• The Futon Shop giveaway contest ends June 17th at 9am 2018.
How to enter The Futon Shop Father's day instagram giveaway contest

• The winner will be picked by the Owner Suzanne randomly live on instastories.

Three Main Reasons Why New Father’s Need Better Sleep?


1) New Fathers Are Exhausted From Interrupted Sleep:

In a recent article written by NPR, Journalist Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham reveal studies from the book: The Informed Parent: A Science Based On Resource Does Your Child’s First Few years, that Father’s actually may be the partner getting less sleep. New fathers are losing an extreme amount of sleep, and numerous studies prove Father’s fatigue often get unnoticed. One study in particular like the 2012 study of 241 fathers that slept less than 6 hours of interrupted sleep clearly showed extreme exhaustion, especially fathers that worked the next day. The study looked at father’s of twins, and these fathers were even more exhausted. The studies show the first month of the baby can be tremendously hard, but the “non-birthing” partner’s role can be critical.


2) New Father’s Struggle To Be More Involved

The list is never ending when it comes to benefits of father’s involvement, and research shows the importance of early father-child involvement when it comes to early childhood. Studies over the past decades show more fatherly involvement increase a child’s academic achievement, educational attainment, and psychological adjustment. This is not achieved if Fathers do not get any sleep.


3) An Aching Back Often Gets In Way

When it comes to Dad’s, a bad mattress can mean a horrible night’s rest and a horrible back ache. Why is this a problem? Sleeping is scarce from waking up every hour to hold and help put the baby back to sleep, but then it makes it hard to get a little sleep between feeding with a bad mattress. Dad needs to go back to sleep to be up early for work. What ends up happening is tossing, turning and losing valuable time to get needed sleep.

Part of a new parent’s job is to care for their newborn, and the big factor is caressing and caring for their child in their arms. If Dad is sleeping on a bad mattress the occurrence of an aching back is increased.

The Futon Shop Father's day UGC

“My husband and I love it and probably will buy more”

Shape Up For Parenting: Invest In A Wool Mattress

Sleep deprivation the first months for parents is often just par for the course, but how can parents’ both mom and dad get a good night’s rest? After picking the best baby registry products for your baby, finding the perfect organic cotton crib mattress should be next on your list.

The benefits of virgin wool mattresses are plentiful, but when it comes to the pure comfort, the durability, natural fire retardant, temperature regulation, superior pressure relief, and hypoallergenic properties have no comparison when it comes to any other mattress.



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jan wol

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My baby is sleeping all night on the sweetpea crib mattress made by you. thank you
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