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Extra Firm Mattresses / Extra Firm Futon Mattresses

Monday, June 13, 2016 3:47:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

Extra Firm Mattresses

Extra Firm Mattresses

Extra firm mattresses are better for your health and night sleep if you are a back or tummy sleeper. Plush and extra plush mattresses were the rage of the 90’s and the thicker the pillow top mattress the better. Unfortunately, pillow top mattress are not good for your lower and upper back as it curves your spine when you sleep, which can cause long term back problems. Back support is the single most important element your body craves when sleeping. The more you toss and turn the more you know your body is not getting the right amount of support.

Doctors, chiropractors, and most medical professionals all agree that firmer is better. Firmer mattresses or futons are better for children with growing bodies and older people with more ailing bodies. If your mattress is not supportive enough, your body will react. This can be seen as stiff or sore joints and muscles as well as fatigue. If you have joint, neck, back or hip issues, ask your doctor. You will be surprised they will almost always recommend firmer mattresses and futons instead of thick, soft, or pillow top mattresses.

The more properly aligned your backbone or spine is during 8 hours of sleep, the better recovery your body will have from the trauma of the previous day. Even if we are not athletes taking our bodies to the max, we may sit in one position too long during the day, carry heavy children or groceries. The human body needs comfortable, clean rest to recover properly every night. This is why your mattress or futon is so important. If your body tosses and turns to get comfortable during the 8 hours of rest each night, you are absolutely not functioning at your best the next day.

Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm for your body type can lead to health problems as well. Firm mattresses are designed for back or stomach sleepers where support for the spine is needed. But a side sleeper will generally not feel comfortable on a firm mattress as the curvatures of the hips and shoulders on the firm surface cause the spine not to be straight. This puts extra stress on the hips, knees, shoulders and neck. If the mattress or futon is too firm for you it will push your natural positions in misalignment. So too soft, to firm a mattress or futon, or like goldilocks the “just right” mattress. There is no such thing as one mattress for all as we are all different.

Some mattresses today unzip and comfort layers of latex, coconut coir and springs can be customized (added or eliminated) in the mattress you buy. This way, if your mattress or futon is too firm or too soft, you can simply change out one or two of the ingredients. This option makes it easier to adjust to your perfect firmness.

We have all heard of these internet companies offering 100 day free return if you don’t like the mattress. It is surprising to note that some of these companies maintain an average mattress return rate of 30%. The reason these internet companies have an average of 30% return rate is there is no such thing as a perfect mattress for everyone. Most of these companies only make one or two mattresses and some of these do not even make the mattress themselves, but rather have them made by a third party. These mattresses are made sight unseen. It is great when the manufacturer offers a comfort warranty. It is not uncommon for a person to purchase a mattress thinking it will be comfortable, but need to exchange it later for something a little bit firmer or softer. This is where the problem occurs. These internet companies only offer one mattress, so if you don’t like it and return it you are a mattress or futon again. So do your research, speak with mattress professionals and you will find the perfect mattress for your body type.

The Futon Shop offers a wide array of Organic cotton & Green Mattresses with different comfort levels. If you are looking for an Extra Firm Mattress here is a break down of the Extra Firm Mattresses The Futon Shop offers by ingredients. Click if you want to know what type of mattress is right for your sleep position. Click to read about mattress lifespans.

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