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2 Earth Day Tips To make #earthdayevery

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 12:04:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Earth Day Everyday: Checklist Home Shopping Room By Room

2 Simple #EarthDayeveryday Tips For Earth Day 2018

Ending Plastic Pollution

The Earth Day Network began asking members which topic to focus on for Earth Day this year. If you sign up and become part of their network you can help and vote what topic they choose for next year. This year they asked us and all their members which topic to focus on among three: Plastics, Biodiversity vs. Extinction, and Extreme Weather. Plastic was chosen as the theme, and the Earth Day Network's goal is to inspire others around the planet to end Plastic Pollution.

There is an interesting history with Plastic I will highlight down on the bottom of this blog. Please check it out if you are interest. Eco watch shares a helpful timeline highlighting the beginning of its origin with the the first man made plastic demonstrated by Alexander Parkes.It was a useful ingredient, but then plastic history takes a dark turn with reports in the early 70’s of the negative impact plastic had on marine life and then the shocking sights from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Plastic bans began to pop up globally with San Francisco as the first U.S. city to institute a plastic bag ban. Here are 2 simple #earthdayeveryday tips that anyone can do to help the environment and get involved with ending plastic.

#earthdayeveryday Tip 1-Create A Toxic Free Home

Farm To Bedroom

Farm to Bedroom at The Futon Shop refers to the futon and mattress industry. Consumers shopping at the The Futon Shop know exactly where each ingredient comes from. First The Futon Shop finds local vendors with certified organic wool, certified pesticide free organic cotton, and certified top quality organic latex. After finding ingredients for mattresses, futons, futon slip covers, and pillows, the next step is garnetting and assembling over 40 futons and mattresses for a natural and healthy home. Learn more about manufacturing futons and mattress

In The Community

The Futon Shop joins partnerships in the community that share the same responsibility, mission, and passion for a healthy home, family, and planet. The Futon Shop is proud to have joined partnerships with businesses, organizations, and organic bloggers that share the belief that it is important to protect our health and the health of our environment. Learn More about Think Pink Collaboration Learn More About The Futon Shop And B4BC Partnership

The Organic Home

The Futon Shop is proud to handcraft the largest affordable organic futon collection in America for the last 40 years. Only the best natural ingredients and 100% certified organic materials goes into each and every futon and mattress, eliminating toxic fire retardants with wool as a natural barrier. The Futon Shop's organic certifications: Organic Chemical Free Wool Certifications Organic Dunlap Latex Certifications USDA Organic Cotton Certifications Learn more about Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant

Custom Futon mattresses and Cushions

Custom Futon mattresses and Cushions
Mattress Ingredients

#earthdayeveryday Tip 2- Reduce Your Waste

Zero Waste Movement

Zero Waste Movement is a great place to start and it is easy. The simple fact is there is a litter problem and the results show in our oceans. Plastic filling up our oceans cause health problems for our marine life and for humans. There are statistics theorizing that by 2025, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. This correlates what we do with our garbage, which means we need to take a look at what we are consuming and what are the products we use daily.

Reducing Waste Is Easy

There are easy steps to include in your daily routine to reduce waste. Kathryn from goingzerowaste.com makes it easy with hundreds of beginner how to videos and blogs teaching the basics of reducing waste to even living almost completely waste free. Here are some really easy basic steps to starting your journey to reduce waste, but first read her helpful guideline for beginners and how to zero waste on a budget.

Reducing Waste Is Easy


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Each Person Can Make A Difference To Help The Environment

Among the public overall, statistics show that the environmental attitude of 53% say protecting the environment is so important “that I do things in my own life to help the environment, even if it costs time or money,” while fewer (37%) say “it’s important, but I don’t have the time or money” that it takes right now. Just 9% say it is not that important right now.

To the percentage of people that feel like they want to start making a change, please read the links above about beginner step to start to reduce waste. You can also start in your home and begin to get rid of products that have chemicals such as your couch, or bed.

Plastic pollution history

History Of banning plastic

Source: Eco Watch


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