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Do You Really Need Separate Bedrooms?

Friday, February 8, 2019 9:03:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

Do You Really Need Separate Bedrooms

Do You Really Need Separate Bedrooms?

Although the idea of sharing a bed is intimate and romantic, the day-to-day of sharing a sleeping space can pose its challenges. Many couples report waking up in the middle of the night due to being disturbed by a partner who moves around in his sleep and steals the covers. Don’t move out of your bedroom just yet; these solutions can help you sleep better while sharing a bed.

One buzzword in the mattress industry is “motion transfer”. This refers to the disturbance you feel when your partner moves in bed. Beds with cheap coils can easily transfer motion from one side of the bed to another. Foam beds can be very good at keeping motion transfer to a minimum. People often toss and turn in bed because they are not sleeping on the right surface for them. Many people ask “what is the most comfortable mattress?” but what they should be asking is what mattress is best for them based on their sleeping position. Side sleepers will find soft mattresses most comfortable because their hip and shoulder can sink down into the mattress, keeping their spine aligned. Back and stomach sleepers often find a firm sleeping surface the most comfortable and supportive for their spine. Eco-minded sleepers would probably sleep well if they buy the best organic mattress they can find. Some couples have wildly different needs when it comes to a mattress; one needs something soft and one needs something firm. Some couples might meet in the middle and get a mattress but this is a less than ideal solution for both people. If you need different firmnesses, a couple can choose a split king bed. This is when a couple buys two twin XL mattresses in different firmnesses and lays them side by side on a king-sized boxspring or platform. You can band the two mattresses together and then, put a mattress protector and fitted sheet over the top. This will make the two mattresses stay together.

You may have the right mattress, but still wake up at night by using the same large blanket. One person steals the covers, leaving the other person cold. In addition, when one person moves, the motion transfer through the blanket can disturb the other. Instead of using one large blanket, try using two twin-sized blankets. You can still sleep side by side, but not disturb one another. When you make your bed, spread each twin-sized blanket over the entire bed and then, cover them with the appropriately-sized coverlet to make your bed look picture-perfect.

Sharing a bed should be an intimate experience that brings you closer together as a couple. People who find it difficult to share a bed should consider using their own blanket and also make sure they are using a mattress that is right for both sleepers.

What are some ways you have made sharing a bed easier? Share in the comments below!

Leslie Fisher
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