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3 Easy Solutions For Small Space Living: TFS Columbus Day Sale

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 3:03:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

Columbus Day Sale

TFS Columbus Day Sale: 3 Ways To Save Space

Living in a small space can create clutter in your home and in your mind, but there are solutions. Renting an apartment in big cities like New York and San Francisco is getting harder and harder with high rental dues as well as finding a decent place with more than 400 sq ft. Rent control and skyrocketing prices are out of our control, but creating a living space that is functional, safe, and comfortable is possible. Three hashtags that come to mind on this subject is: #clutterfreeliving, #Tinyapartmentlving, and #smallspaceliving. Let’s look into each hashtag and offer you a few solutions to your small space dilemma.

1) #Clutterfreeliving

Wood futon frame
Wood Futon frame
Wood Futon Frame

When it comes to creating a clutter free home, minimalist design ideas comes to mind. To create a clutter free home, there are countless articles and products to buy to help you organize your closets, kitchen, and just about every room in your home, dorm, backyard, car, and office. There are books on how to declutter your home step by step. It is a great subject and an even better technique to create a healthy, spacious, and calm space for you and your family. Time Magazine Journalist Lisa McLaughlin, wrote an article called “Ask The Experts: 5 Steps To Clutter-Free Living” in 2008. The 5 helpful tips were:

5 Ways To Declutter From the Experts

    1. Define your vision
    "No one lets go without reaching for something else," she says.
    "You need to come up with a theme for the next phase of your life.”
    - McLaughlin

    2) Define the clutter
    Once you have your vision or theme, separating the treasures from trash "It can be any obsolete object, space, commitment or behavior that weighs you down or distracts you or saps your energy," -McLaughlin

    3) Start small
    Purging can be very emotional.To help ease you into the process, Mclaughlin suggests starting in the room you are least attached to.

    4) Let your good riddance help others
    Bring your belonging to a shelter or charity that your feel good about.

    5) Examine all aspects of your life for clutter
    Morgenstern points out that poor uses of time, outdated commitments and bad habits can all be defined as clutter and are worthy of purging.

    Source: http://content.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1812185,00.html

The Futon Shop #clutterfreeliving solution is their 50% off drawers sale for their hardwood futon frames. The drawers are a great solution to store what you decide to keep when organizing your home for less clutter. Check out these spacious storage drawers.

2) #Tinyapartmentliving

Apartment living is such a popular lifestyle there are magazines, pinterest boards, books and popular websites helping people everyday through guides, tips, and a community. One very popular one is Apartmenttherapy. Apartmenttherapy has a huge section on small spaces with great ideas and tips. Another trend is the really tiny homes, pallet homes, rv homes, and the air stream homes. Why not?!!! It is awesome how so many people are getting creative and living such the minimalist lifestyle. As for apartmentliving, there are many apartments with different sizes, styles, and themes. In large busy cities, apartment shopping can be very challenging and at times competitive. In San Francisco, where The Futon Shop makes their futons and mattresses, it might be one of hardest places to find an affordable apartment, but so many across the board no matter what neighborhood you come across are tiny with outrageous monthly rental prices. The Futon Shop helps so many renters with functional furniture solutions. The Futon not only acts as a couch, but easily opens up to a twin, double, or queen bed. The futons are thick, comfortable, organic, and affordable for anyone’s budget.The Futon Shop's solution for #tinyapartmentliving is customcushions! Check out The Futon Shop's custom cushion page and create a any mattress in any size needed for your tiny home.

3) #Smallspaceliving

Loveseat Frames

Small Space Living can be apartment living, minimalist interior design, small backyard space, and even a room in a large home that is very small. Whether you are living in an apartment or you live in a small home, The Futon Shop’s loveseats are a great option to create spaciousness and comfort for the whole family. Small space living can challenge anyone’s patience when it comes to organization skills, but The Futon Shop offers the best options to deal with tight spaces and a limited budget. The Love seats are practical, affordable, and perfect for a small wall or room that does not give a little in the room. Finding that perfect sofa that fits in your space can create such a serene and peaceful experience. Whether it is by choice or circumstance, living in a small space can be fun and you can create your own personal style to any futon sofa bed. Picking your own futon that fits your style, comfort, and budget is a perfect way to maximize your space the way you deserve and desire.

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