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Bifold vs Tri Fold Futon Frames - Folding Futon Frames

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 9:54:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

What is the difference between Bifold vs Tri Fold Futon Frames?

What is the difference between Bifold vs Tri Fold Futon Frames?

Bifold Futons

A bifolding futon frame will give you more seating capacity than a trifolding futon frame approximately 3 to 4 people can sit on the bifold futon frame. If your room has little floor space and more wall space a bifold futon frame is ideal. Floor space needed for a bidfold futon frame is 54 inches for a full/.double and 60 inches for a queen. Bifolding futon frames are the most popular type of futon frames and a full-size accommodating sleepers up to 6'3" is ideal for guest beds and family rooms and are the most popular size.Bi-folds take l=ess work to operate than a trifold futon frame and therefore if you have the space is the desired model to choose from. If you have a long wall approximately 75 inches to 86 inches you can fit a by folding full or queen size bi-fold futon frame. The way to measure is the length of the mattress a full is 75 inches and a queen is 80 inches add the arms approximately 0-6 inches and you will get 75 to 86 inches of wall space needed to fit in a bifold futon frame.

Bi-Folding Futon

Trifold Futons

Trifolding futon frames by the Futon Shop come with a two-piece mattress the large piece goes on the seat and back while the small piece sits on the ottoman.The Futon Shop make sophisticated trifolding futons to fit these frames in a two-piece manner so the ottoman sits behind the frame when not in use and the wooden ottoman peice stores underneath the frame. This opens offers the user a small chair or loveseat (no ottoman)chaise lounge (with ottoman) and then of course twin full or queen size bed. Some companies offer a one piece futon to fit these trifolding frames unfortunately these futons must be made very thin they are uncomfortable to sit on and use as a bad because they must fold over the back of the frame so they must be thin and flexible.The Futon Shop has designed a 2-piece lovesaeat futon mattresses to offer thick and comfortable sitting and sleeping positions.

Tri-Folding Futon

A trifold futon frame takes up very little wall space but needs floor space to open. I trifolding futon frame comes in twin full and queen sizes. Trifolding futon frames can fit in the space as small as 39 inches up to 66 inches. The way to measure is the width of the mattress a twin is 39 inches, full is 54 inches, or queen is 60 inches, add the arms approximately 0-6 inches and you will get 39 to 66 inches of wall space needed to fit in a bifold futon frame. Trifolding futon frame folds on the width of the frame and pulls out the length into the room needing 75-80 inches of floor space to open. Most trifolding futon frames come with a built in ottoman or a separate ottoman.

Futon Size

There are basically two ways a futon frame can fold a trifolding frame verses a bi-folding frame. A bifold frame folds once approximately in the middle of the frame on the length of the mattress which we call a bifold. rifolding frame folds three times on the width of the mattress, usually using a built in or separate ottoman as the third position. Depending on the space you have in your room you would choose either a bifold or a trifolding futon frame.

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