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Benefits Of Latex As A Mattress Ingredient

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 2:00:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

Benefits of Latex

Benefits Of Latex As A Mattress Ingredient

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief: With a bounce back feel from latex, all the 7 points of the body are contoured without sinking, creating a balanced feel while resting. A balanced feel is what the latex core mattress provides, shaping to the body and distributes the weight evenly and eliminates any pressure from the seven pressure points: -head -shoulder -hip and back -lumber -pelvic -upper and lower leg -feet


Breathability: Latex does not bring heat like memory foam or other foams. Latex gives an open air flow, which helps conform to the body. The natural ventilation dissipates the body’s moisture, which keeps the mattress dry. Keeping the mattress dry keeps mold away and gives a longer lifetime to the mattress.


HypoAllergenic: What is researched in regards to latex allergens and sensitivities are not actual the latex beds that create allergens. What has been found in studies within the lines of latex allergies is that 12% of harvest latex is treated with some form of ammonia and ammonia with thiuram. This production of high or low ammonia latex accounts for the many allergy reactions with balloons, gloves, or condoms. It has been researched that the latex form for bedding has been put through the process of “vulcanization” a process that treats the sap latex in extremely high temperatures for a long time resulting in low to undetectable levels of allergens proteins, which through studies validates it as non-allergenic. The open air flow chamber keeps the mattress dry, which prevents fungi, bacteria, and house dust mites.

Independent Support

Independent Support: No worries from the noise of box spring and spring mattresses. There is no creaking or noise from latex while in use. Also, the latex does not move while tossing or turning during sleep.


Firmness: The process in which Dunlop latex is made creates a firmer core. The latex mattress is more popular among sleepers who like a firm bed. The Liquid sap latex from the rubber tree is whipped through a process to make a foam, then poured into a “gel” like form and finally slowly heated into a “vulcanized” state to create a strong firm core. There are a few different levels of firmness to customize for the consumer. The holes that are developed during the Dunlop process give flexibility and adjustable comfort levels, as well as absorbs the body in the different positions while sleeping.


Durability: there are many kinds of latex, but the Dunlop latex process is the oldest form of latex, with a thicker denser constructed core. It is recommended with at least 6inch latex core be made for a well rested night sleep is possible. The latex is so strong that it is not needed to be flipped monthly. The process of making latex through the Dunlop process has a heavier texture, giving it a more durable core. It is important that you ask the sales person to test out the different levels of firmness to find the right level for you.


Sustainable: The collection of sap liquid latex from a rubber tree acts as a sustainable relationship. As collectors collect the sap, latex is slowly and methodically emptied out carefully without defected the tree. The plantation trees can live up to 30 years. When plantations are carried out in the correct way, the flow of sap can last for many years without any cut down or damage. One of the largest latex company Eco-Latex, a Dunlap latex supplier uses sustainable boiler while transferring the latex sap. They have customized their boiler to work with recycled rubber tree waster. This works in hand to fit the Zero Discharge Policy.

Chemical Free

Chemical Free: Latex in its natural form is all natural. It is biodegradable and sustainable. It is important to find out if the Latex is certified by The USDA or any other organizations. There are 100’s of latex suppliers, so it is important to research their latex operations and website. Also, when purchasing a latex mattress, be sure if it is imported from other countries it has the seal of USDA and organic standards. Latex form if not treated with any chemicals during its process is the better choice than any foams. Foams even in its greenest form is process with petrochemicals. Latex in its natural form is free from all fire retardants and petrochemicals. Also there are no artificial scents, formaldehyde, phenols, phthalates, toluene, vanillin containing petrochemicals, boric acid, chemical flame retardants, or any kind of polyurethane. In the process of Dunlop Latex there are no synthetic chemicals involved in the process: 1) The sap is mixed and solidified into a “gel” like form by mixing into a foam. 2) The Foam is then poured into a stainless steel conveyor belt 3) Vulcanization process occurs with the chemical reaction that gives the latex an elastic shape. 3) the molds are then open and then foam rubber cores are removed at the washing station Be sure to ask the sales person about the latex. Be sure that the latex is not labeled : -Blended latex -synthetic latex -natural latex( it be mixed with toxins during the process) All latex originates from the 100% natural sap from a rubber tree. But be careful not to buy latex that has been process with chemicals.  

Global Organic Latex Standard

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