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Pillow Talk: Bed Pillow Shopping Guide

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 12:41:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

Pillow Talk: Bed Pillow Shopping Guide

Everything To Know About Shopping For Bed Pillows

Bed pillow


Bed Pillows are commonly used to sleep on and have a huge effect on the quality of one’s sleep. Most people find that one pillow that fits their perfection and must sleep on that pillow every single night. Often achiness, neck problems and shoulder complaints increase after a long vacation or right after purchasing a new bed pillow. In the bedroom, there are many different Bed Pillow sizes, thicknesses, firmness, durability and fabrics that cover them. There are different opinions on how many to use and most recently from Consumer Reports it is important to match your bed pillow with your sleep position.

According to Consumer Reports, the first thing to do when shopping for Bed Pillows is find the Bed Pillow That Matches your Sleep Position: Side,Stomach, And Back, or other combinations.That’s the position you settle into and is likely to be your favorite, according to Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D., a fellow at the New York University School of Medicine and co-author of “Sleep for Success!” (AuthorHouse, 2010).

• How To Choose The Perfect Bed Pillow For Your Sleep Position •

side sleeper

Side Sleeper:

Feel: Firm or Extra Firm Pillow to maintain proper alignment & curve of the neck & head

Best Ingredients: Latex Pillow, Down, & Wool

Durability: Latex Might Not Flatten As Quickly Over Time When Compared To A Down Pillow or Wool Bed Pillow.

Source For Feel: Consumer Reports

What Bed Pillow Is Best When Sleeping On Their Side:

Stomach Sleeper:

Feel: Thin or Soft Bed Pillow. Stay Away From Anything Firm to steer you away from keeping your neck’s natural curve.

Best Ingredients: Fluffy And Scrunchable. Cotton, Wool, Down or Soft Latex

Durability: Add Wool To Increase Lifespan. Add Cotton For Sensitivities or Allergies. The Latex Will Be The Most Durable and Keep Its Shape.

Source For Feel: Consumer Reports

stomach sleeper
What Bed Pillow Is Best When Sleeping On Their Stomach:

back sleeper

Back Sleeper:

Feel: Medium to Medium Firm Bed Pillow That Cradles The Head

Best Ingredients: Organic Cotton & Latex, And Wool

Durability: Latex Will Keep Its Shape The Best

Source For Feel And Some Ingredients: Consumer Reports

What Bed Pillow Is Best When Sleeping On Their Back:

What Material To Choose For My Bed Pillow

organic cotton

1) Organic Cotton

No Pesticides, Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Breathable. Comes in Soft, Medium Firm, and Firm. Learn more about Organic cotton.


2) Wool

A Great Option For A Plush Pillow, Wicks Away Moisture, Mold, Mildew, And Dust Mite Resistant. Natural, Sustainable, and Renewable. Temperature Regulating Properties. Come In Soft, Medium, and Firm. Learn More About the Benefits of Wool.


3) Latex

Does Not Breakdown, Hypoallergenic. The All Natural Contour Latex Bed Pillow comes in Soft, Medium, and Firm. Learn More About Benefits of Latex.


4) Down

A Great Plush Pillow option. When It Comes To Down Fillers, The Power of Down Fluffiness Depends On Its Number of Insulating Power. The Higher The Number The More Down Can Trap. The Standard Number Is 300-900. The Futon Shop Offers Down Filler With 750 Power Range. Temperature Insulator. A Great Soft Alternative To Latex Bed Pillows.


5) Non Toxic Polyester

Polyester Fill is a standard insert in all Throw Pillows and available For Decorative Bed Pillows: Check Out The Futon Shop’s Pillow Size Chart For the Different Sizes.

side pillow

Specialty Pillows

Side Pillows: 4 options for Side Sleeper Pillows: Great For Side Sleeper, Back Issues, And Expecting Mothers.

- Organic Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow

- Latex Side Sleeper Pillow

- Wool Side Sleeper Pillow

- All Natural Hand Made Down Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillow


Pillow Sizes

The Futon Shop Has 5 Basic Bed Pillow Size

Standard: 20” x 26"

Queen: 20” x 30”

King: 20” x 36”

Side Pillow: 27” x 27” x 13.75”

Natural Latex Bed Pillows: 16” x 24”

Click Here For Bed And Throw Pillow Size Chart

Choosing the right pillow starts with getting to know the pillow fabrics

A few other options to consider include:

Everything You Need To Know About Futons

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