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Beating Cancer Living A Organic Life - Marco Michelato

Thursday, June 2, 2016 3:20:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Beating Cancer

Beating Cancer Living A Organic Life - Marco Michelato


Hello,  my name is Marco Michelato - CEO of Callihaul,

Cancer is a word most of us tend to avoid. Whether we hear about it or whether we hear about someone having it. 

When I was a little boy I was very close with my father. Life was great, picnics, festivals, family outings, singing till late hours etc...... Life was great. Life was perfect, not a worry in the sky. I was a very happy kid. I played sports, and I was very active,  I was happy-go lucky kid every day.  

One day I came home from school just like any other day,  and I noticed my mom was not her self.  I asked, what was wrong and she just kind of looked sad.

She said Marco I have something to tell you. I said what mom, what's wrong? 

She said, papa has cancer.  He will have to undergo some tests. 

My mother and I cried together with great sadness. My dad avoided the topic with me because it hurt him too bad. I was only eight years old. My mother said Marco just pray to God and that's all we can do. So I did. I went from praying that I would be a professional baseball player to praying that my father's cancer would subside.  

What a shock that I just endured. Not me, I don't believe it, what did I do, all of these things were running through my poor little head. Life was surprisingly strange to me at this point. How could my life go from perfect to the worst in a matter of weeks. I was in major shock and I found myself walking around acting like a robot, doing the things that you're supposed to do with no emotion attached to it. I was a living zombie. At the age of eight, to think that I had to put on a poker face to everybody around me just to let everybody know that I was OK.  But deep inside me was a black hole that was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  

After three years being like this, we got word from the doctor that the cancer went to sleep. Wow could this be possibly true, thank God, I had a sign of hope, so I continued my praying every day. Again I couldn't help notice all the kids were praying for toys and summer fun and I was praying for my father's cancer to stay asleep.  

My mother was my rock, she tried to do everything for me, and she did. My mom is my hero. I try so hard to make my mother happy. I want to make sure she's not worried about me and my future.  

Life was starting to look promising again. At least for a little while.

Unfortunately When I turned 15 I was given the bad news that my fathers cancer came back with vengeance. I thought again what did I do to deserve this.  

He suffered for three months and slowly died. 

My life would never be the same without him ever again.  (Talk about growing up quick in life).

My father left Italy during the war.  He had nothing,  I was his everything. 

He was so proud of me, he would hold me up really high so everybody behind him could see me.  He taught me how to speak Italian by only speaking to me in Italian.  

After his death because of him I got a job at the Italian Embassy.  I know I made him proud that day.  Also I was a undefeated boxing champion 4 years in a row under Terry Lee, He was a world champion boxer, and taught me everything he knew. To have a great fight in California where I had a knockout in 45 seconds of the first round I know would have made my father very proud which in turn made me very happy. This experience made me want to make him more proud, and so I went on to play baseball.  I played baseball my whole life and in the end I finally played baseball for the Royals AAA minors. My career ending soon after I threw out my arm but I was extremely proud and I knew I would have made my father proud as well. I could feel him watching me from up above. 

Life went on and on and on. Still after all this I thought I was invincible from cancer. Boy was I wrong. 

When I was 46 my girlfriend forced me to get a colonoscopy. 

Because males were getting cancer more often. 

Would you believe it they found cancer.  No way could this be true I don't believe it.  NOT ME.  NOT ME.  

The famous “not me” statement,  that we all tell ourselves every day , not me.

Well “Yes You” was the response I received.   

So I was diagnosed with cancer, fortunately enough for me it was only stage two and I did not have to go undergo chemo or radiation.  

Ever since this happened to me I have been going to the health food store on a daily basis. I changed my entire diet. I finally did the research and learned that cancer was caused by the toxins I was exposed to on a daily basis. I changed everything in my life to try to live in a toxin free environment. One of those things was purchasing chemical free furniture from The Futon Shop. I upgraded my mattress first which I am assuming was a major upgrade. The Futon Shop chemical free mattress I purchased is guaranteed chemical free and the old mattress I was sleeping on, I believe was purchased in the early 1990’s. Doing a little research on mattress fire retardants in use in the 1990’s led me to close my computer quick as I did not want to know about the horrible things I had been sleeping on.

So I live my life every day appreciating every minute I am here.  I try to stay close to my friends and family as much as possible.

I have just recently joined a new gym and I am happy to continue my health routine. Exercise sleep and water, Is extremely important for everybody.

I just had my routine check and I passed with flying colors. Thank goodness. 

Now I am waiting to pass my CAT scan in July and I know I will. Lol (not me ). 

Still in shock to this day. I tell myself it's going to go away, bad things won't happen to me. That's why I think it's very important for all of us not to take life for granted and appreciate every minute of every day with all of our loved ones, friends and family. Tell your mother you love her every day.

At the end of our lives we all want to feel as best as we can from how we left it. So be good to all and all will be yours. 

I currently run a recycling company called Callihaul where I help people get rid of toxins in their homes everyday.

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