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College Living Basics Part 2: Essentials For An Unfurnished College Apartment

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 9:35:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

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College Living Basics Part 2: Essentials For An Unfurnished College Apartment

A few options when deciding where to live off campus depends on where you are going to college. Here are some options that different schools offer:

    - Apartments
    - Fraternity or Sorority House
    - Studios
    - Graduate Apartments

Start by looking at your school directory into off-campus housing and see what offers are available. Some schools will give a hotline for services for housing and roommates, but some schools leave it up to you to find your own housing. And some schools have off-campus community services offered for students with their school. Using your school’s resources is a quick and easy way to get access to all the possible options plus the price might be decreased for students.

Here is a helpful guide for college dorm room furniture for college-age students moving into unfurnished living. Whether it is off-campus living or unfinished campus housing, living out of the dormitories offers students more space and privacy, but can get very expensive.

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1) Where To Sleep

Here are options that you can can receive right at your doorstep. Free Shipping space saving futons and bunkbeds:

Stay on A Budget:

Sofa bed set

2) Where To Sit

    - Bean Bag Chairs
    ban bag chairs

    3) Where To Study

      - Loft beds: Loftbeds are great...they are amazing space savers for a desk and a bed. You can even switch out the desk on the bottom for a spacely lounger.

    Loft bed

4) What To Eat

kitchen essential

Source: Honey We're Healthy Blog


Source: buzzfeed

5) Where To Exercise

Yoga Props, Accessories & Shiatsu Mats

yoga props

Have You Seen Our Health/Yoga/Fitness Pinterest Board? It has trending articles, products, and tips on staying healthy. Check It out!

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