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College Living Basics Part 1: Essentials For A Furnished Dorm

Thursday, August 3, 2017 9:36:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

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College Living Basics Part 1: Essentials For A Furnished Dorm


1) Add A Mattress Topper

    Chemical free mattress toppers

    Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is essential when it comes to succeeding in college. Sleep is needed, but sometimes the mattress provided in a dorm can be uncomfortable preventing a good night’s rest. When it comes to dorm mattress size and comfort, each college has their standard. You do not have to worry about finding the right size, just measure the frame or the mattress and The Futon Shop will customize a mattress topper that fits your comfort and price. Instead of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, adding chemical free mattress toppers to your dorm decor can be an added benefit. No matter what your sleep comfort is, The Futon Shop can make latex toppers, wool toppers, gel toppers and ship it quickly to any state from coast to coast within a week.

2) Add An Organic Cotton Side Pillow

    Organic Cotton Side Pillow

    Everyone has a thing about “their pillow”. Some like super soft, super firm, and some like feather pillows, and then some prefer tempurpedic. The Futon Shop has the best organic cotton bed pillow. The Side pillow is amazing because it fits everyone’s comfort left with the three insert options:

      - organic cotton stuffing
      - virgin wool stuffing
      - natural latex noodle stuffing

Go to our customer reviews Pinterest board and read a review on the organic cotton side pillow from @messybeautifullife

3) Add a Mattress Protector

No matter what size dorm bed you are sleeping on, The Futon Shop can make it in any size.

4) Bean Bag Chairs

    Bean bag

    Have fun with your friends and roommates with the huge selections of bean bags chairs offered at The Futon Shop.

5) Yoga Props

    yoga prop

    Stress can take over in college, so be sure to take care of yourself. Make a space to stretch, relax, find inner strength and well being. Try a little yoga everyday in your dorm or carry your props outside.

Standard Dorm Bed

Twin Extra Long: 39"x80"
This is a common twin or loft bed and mattress included:
The Futon Shop can custom make a more comfortable bed as well as the custom fit the fame given in your dream

standard dorm bed

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