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Beat Cancer - B4BC Collaboration : The Futon Shop And B4BC Partnership

Thursday, March 3, 2016 8:41:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Futon Shop And Boarding For Boarding For Breast Cancer Partnership

Boarding For Boarding For Breast Cancer

The Futon Shop has supported B4BC by donating a percentage of sales in October 2015 for a great cause: Breast Cancer Prevention.

The Futon Shop has also contributed to these featured events held and promoted by B4BC:

2015 6-Star Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro

The Futon Shop joined B4BC at the Supergirl Pro Event fitting three booths:

1) The Futon Shop’s Booth fitted with chemical free furniture for surfers and the audience to sit and relax on
2) Outdoor Organic Furniture fitted in the Kona Brewing Booth
3) Fitted for the Boarding For Breast Cancer Booth to promote healthy chemical free furniture as a safe alternative to conventional petroleum based furniture

The Futon Shop & B4BC Social Collab The Futon Shop & B4BC Social Collab The Futon Shop & B4BC Social Collab

Check One, Two Campus Tour With B4BC

The Futon Shop, like B4BC actively promotes education, prevention, and early detection by spreading the message and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. As the B4BC outreach team spread healthy learning strategies, tips, and knowledge to students across California colleges, The Futon Shop facilitated a easy to use learn cheat sheet on the best way to create a healthy home.

The Futon Shop & B4BC Social Collab The Futon Shop & B4BC Social Collab

Snowboard + Music Festival Shredding The Love For 20 Years

The Futon Shop donated yoga props for the Shredding Love Music Festival recently, giving a space for people to rest and relax and for the 108 sun salutation challenge taken place in the early morning.

The Futon Shop & B4BC Social Collab

108 Sun Salutations Fundraiser

Olympic Snowboarder Jamie Anderson and Wellness Ambassador Megan Pishke led the yoga Sun Salutation routine. The Sun Salutation, also known as surya namaskar (Sanskrit), is a dynamic sequence of movements (asana) performed to celebrate the sun, while building strength and improving flexibility.

The Meaning Behind The 108 Sun Salutations:

According to B4BC there are many reasons for the sacred number of 108, but they personally chose this number because of the connection with the heart chakra. Chakras, intersections of energy lines have 108 heart chakras. One of these heart energy lines called sushumna leads to the crown chakra and some say is can help one gain self- realization. B4BC also connects connects this chakra to connecting inward with oneself.

Check back and follow our blog to see what is next on the agenda for more B4BC Events WIth The Futon Shop.

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