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Celebrating The Futon Shop's 42nd Anniversary

Monday, August 13, 2018 8:59:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Futon Shop's 42nd Anniversary


After 42 Years Of Serving Over 2 Million Organic & Natural Lifestyle Customers,
The Futon Shop Would Like To Say Thank You

From Farm To Futons To Family from The Futon Shop

    Celebrate The Futon Shop's 42nd Anniversary With 42 Fun Futon Facts

    1) The Beginning: Suzanne Diamond Creates the first natural futon mattress in 1976

    2) Michio Kushi: Suzanne designed chemical free futons with the same natural lifestyle principles as macrobiotic guru Michio Kushi taught her.

    3) What Is A Futon? A Futon is a Japanese word for Mattress. Pronounced: Foo-ton

    4) Futons in Japan Vs. America: In Japan futons are thin mattresses that you sleep on on top of a tatami mat and fold away in the closet during the day. In America over the last 40 years, it has two purposes:

      - A Futon is a mattress one sleep on top of a tatami mat or platform bed with slats.

      - A Futon is a convertible couch to bed that has three parts: futon mattress, futon frame, and a futon cover

    5) The First Futon Sofa: In 1980 William Brouwer made history as a Boston Architect, handcrafting the first futon frame that converts from a couch to bed and was designed in an S-shape displayed in the Arts and Craft Museum of The Modern Art in New York.

    6) The A-Frame/ S-Frame: The Futon Shop introduces s-shape/ a-frame converting futon frames to customers in her first showroom in Corte Madera.

    7) The First Pine Frame: In 1980 Pete Kloos, a Napa Valley Cooper hand maker for oak barrels made the first pine futon frame frame for The Futon Shop. The Frame was called the Crashpad.

    fun facts about the futon shop

    8) The Futon Shop's First Factory: - In 1981 The Futon Shop's First Factory was at 25th Street In San Francisco.

    The Futon Shop How We Make Our Mattress In HD

    9) Fun With Colors In the 80's: The Futon Shop added futon covers and pillows as an added feature to the futon sofa bed and a functional piece of furniture that can be unzipped and washed and replaced.


    10) The Futon Shop Team: In 1981 The Futon Shop grew to 30 employees

    11) The Popularity Of Futons: A huge List of Celebrities have purchased or had their assistants purchase a futon over the last 40 years.

    the futon shop anniversary
    Cesar Gracie & Mike

    12) Futon Showrooms In The Bay Area: In 1982 multiple stores began to open up in Palo Alto and Fremont.

    13) More Showrooms In The East Bay: In 1983 multiple stores opened up in Albany and Oakland

    14) Let's get Physical: In the late 80’s the Fitness Craze brought yoga props and meditation pillows. - The Futon Shop Introduced Buckwheat pillows and Yoga props from the big fitness craze of Jane Fonda and Richard Simmon’s. The yoga props became a hot commodity with customers asking for yoga props in the Futon Shop stores.

    15) Organic Cotton Yoga Props: Suzanne began her research and found a way to make organic Cotton yoga props and buckwheat pillows for meditation. Yoga props are still being sold today. Here is a look at professional athletes practicing yoga on The Futon Shop props:

    yoga props
    Yoga With Shaelah & Sherry McConkey

    16) Modern Furniture Sofabeds:The European Metal Trend in the 90’s


    17) Futon Showrooms Across California: In 1991 The Futon Shop opened up 22 stores from Los Angeles to Sacramento

    18) Hand Making Futon Mattress: In 1992 The Futon Shop installed a felt Garnet Machine to process natural fiber, organic cotton, and virgin wool.

    19) Wholesale Accounts: In 1993 The Futon Shop launched a futon mattress wholesale division through the United States.

    20) Hard Wood Oak Frames: From 1994-1997 The Futon Shop hand made American Oak in a factory for 3 years in Southern California.

    21) Traveling To Japan: In 1998 Suzanne was invited to partner with the Japanese Economic Trade Commission ( JETCO), as an American to introduce The Futon Shop futons to the Japanese Public and wholesale agents.

    22) Shipping Futon Mattress Containers: In 1998 The Futon Shop Shipped their First Container To Tokyo Japan.

    23) Decreasing Petroleum Foams: In 2008 The Futon Shop introduce soy-based foams futon mattresses as a eco-friendly ingredient in their mattresses

    24) The Futon Shop Educates Customers: The Futon Shop Shares through social media sites, patnerships, website, pamphlets and in stores consumer rights to not have flame retardants in their furniture.

      Two Ways The Futon Shop Helps Customer Avoid Flame Retardants:

      - The Futon Shop Uses Wool in all chemical free futon mattress. Wool is a natural fire retardant.

      - Under the FDA Mattress law 16 CFR part 1633, customer can ask for no flame retardants from their mattress from a manufacturer with a doctor’s prescription.

      Read more about Flame Retardant Laws on The Futon Shop

      Read More Why Organic Cotton Mattresses Are Better

      Check out any of the Chemical Free Crib Mattresses for a mattress without flame retardants

    25) Farm To Bedroom Concept Was Born: In 2012 Farm To Bedroom Began - The Futon Shop’s concept Farm to Bedroom is a unique way to communicate to consumers how The Futon Shop sources local cotton and wool from Farmers In America.

    Farm To Bedroom

    26) Revamped Website: in 2016 The Futon revamps their website.

    The Futon Shop 41st anniversary

    27) Certifications And Partnerships: The Futon Shop Joins Organizations and Gets Certified Over the past 40 year span:

      - HFA Home Furnishing Association- One of the first members
      - OTA Organic Trade Association
      - BHFTI Bureau of Home Furnishings & Thermal Insulation
      - Sustainable Furniture Council
      - BBB Better Business Bureau
      - WBENC- Women’s Business Enterprise national Council
      - National Holistic Institute
      - Breast Cancer Fund- The Futon Shop was vetted by Scientist at the Breast Cancer Fund

    28) Customer's Favorite:

    The Futon Shop Donates Over The Years:

      29) Asia Tsunami Relief Fundraiser

      30) Redwood Empire Food Bank

      31) Children’s Hospital Oakland- Charity Auction

      32) Red Cross To the residents in Sonoma County forced from their homes by disaster

      33) Red Cross For Hurricane Katrina

      34) California Counseling Institute

      35) San Mateo County Probation Department- Raise Funds For College Scholarships for children

      36) Our Lady of The Visitacion School- The 5th Silent Auction

      37) Boarding For Breast Cancer for Prevention

      38) Goodwill

      39) The Futon Shop Gives back To The Community and Collaborates With Like Minded Organizations

      Rise Institute - The Futon Shop helped Rise Institute supporting students with internships in the public who for students who need extra support in different aspects of their lives surrounding development needs.

      - Jobs Program - The Futon Shop participated in Jobs Now program, implemented In San Francisco during the term of Mayor Gavin Newsom

      Breast Cancer:

    40) The Futon Shop Taglines:

      1995 - Futons For You
      1996 - “We Fit The Way You Love To Live”
      2005 - “The Futon Shop, Naturally Better”
      2013 - Organically Yours

    41) TFS Honest Sleep: We feel our organic mattresses are the best in the world and we want our customers to have the best night sleep they have ever had. So we are happy to introduce Honest Sleep, the most affordable Toxic Free Mattresses in the world. Imagine a mattress in a box without chemicals made from 100% certified organic materials.

    Tfs honest sleep

    The Futon Shop is more than just an Organic furniture company. As an active member of the bay area, Suzanne Diamond and her team work every day to introduce and empower consumers to purchase affordable chemical free furniture options made in America. Since 1976 our commitment to educate and improve lives extends to our existing and future customers, organizations that promote healthy living options, local organizations, American organic agricultural farmers and eco-conscious like-minded communities. We continue to develop and produce Chemical Free Furniture that supports Suzanne Diamond’s passion for a healthy planet and a healthy future for our children.

    42) The Futon Shop introduces new Japanese Furniture line

      Japanese Furniture The Futon Shop

Everything You Need To Know About Futons

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The Futon Shop a family owned company since 1976 maintains a high level of Eco-Consciousness to strive for a healthier future for our planet and our country. We work tirelessly towards bringing the best organic cotton and eco-friendly futons, sofa beds & chemical free furniture options for the health and comfort of our customers