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5 Tips For The Coolest 4th of July This Summer

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 12:22:00 PM America/Los_Angeles


5 Amazing Tips For The Coolest 4th of July


Summer Guide: 5 Amazing Tips For The Coolest 4th of July

The Cooling Power of Wool: The Summer is hot, why not sleep on a mattress that will cool you down. There are mattresses out there with high tech foams and "natural" and "Eco" ingredients that claim they are the new cooling mattress, but most of them have hidden chemicals. Wool has been a popular pure ingredient through ancient history and is used for many purposes with added benefits for your health. Try wool, a natural fiber and even certified organic at The Futon Shop. Be sure there are certifications proving it is is organic when researching anything, especially something as important as your bed. Stay away from greenwashing words like eco or natural. Learn more about organic wool versus natural wool mattresses.

According to www.furnituretoday.com, the 2016 Mattress Industry trends reported that there is an increase in consumer awareness that there is a correlation between quality of sleep the mattress you sleep on. Consumer awareness has helped the mattress industry add more organic ingredients and more demand has increased the more quality healthy sleep solutions. While researching organic furniture, be sure to confirm proper certifications and that there is a person to listen and answer all your questions. The Futon Shop uses wool as a core ingredient in many mattresses, as well as in pillow toppers, and is used as a natural fire retardant in a large amount of the futons and mattresses.

Wool will decrease mold when there is an increase in moisture by wicking moisture from the air and your body that accumulates in the summer months. Here are all the benefits of wool mattress in the summer months.

Why wool is an amazing ingredient in your mattress in the summer:

    - Natural Fire Retardant
    - Natural Insulator
    - Temperature Balancing: keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
    - Wool Is Breathable
    - Keeps Perfect Comfort
    - Wool is the vehicle to wick moisture away


Summer Guide: 5 Amazing Tips For The Coolest 4th of July

Trending Outdoor Colors - Furniture Today’s 2017 Color Trends for outdoor furniture announced Blue to be popular color. Neutrals and greys are also popular colors as the main color for your cushions, but if you want to bring a little splash to your backyard, sunroom, or patio the popular colors are blue, followed by Ruby Fuchsia, Aquamarine, Topaz Orange, and Citrine Yellow.


The Perfect Solution For Seating


Outdoor Covers help refresh your old decor and can be changed and washed with just unzipping it and throwing it in your own washer and dryer. Be sure to use outdoor covers that are sun and water resistant.

Custom Cushions idea for 4th of july summer guide

Custom Cushions for seating and benches for any size or comfort.


Outdoor Furniture Frame For Lounging and napping in the sun.


Mouth Watering Recipes To Serve From Appetizers To Dessert


Helpful tips for taking photos with your smartphone

5 Tips For An Amazing Outdoor 4th of July Party

    Take A Video - An easy way to get it all at once. Edit your phone with Imovie on your iphone or Filmorago for android. Here is the list for iphone and here is the list for android.

    Time Lapse - bring an artistic effect to your video.

    Slow Motion - A fun way to share a video that is unique

    Stabilizer - Find a stabilizer online or use props that you have to keep your phone steady. No more blurry photos.

    Slow Shutter Speed - A cool way to get longer exposure with your photos. One way is to create light trails with a special app.

    Get the Slow Shutter Cam for the Iphone

    Burst Mode - Capture more pictures at a faster rate. Just hold down the button and hold it down and click away.

Best Tips On Capturing The Firework

The best seat in the house to watch fireworks is in your own backyard. Here are a few tips on comfortable seating for a fireworks show:

Summer Guide: 5 Amazing Tips For The Coolest 4th of July

If it is out at a show in your hometown:

    - Bring Blankets to bring warmth and comfort

    - Low Seating Chairs -Bring Some Snacks for the kids

If you decided to stay home and do your own fireworks:

    - Folding foam beds - easy fold away foam beds are a great way to bring extra seating.

    - Extra Pillows to sit or rest your head on

    - Take the futon out to the back yard for everyone to lay on



The Red Cross has some great tips for Fourth of July:
- Fire Works Safety
- Sun Protection
- Beach Safety
- Grilling Safety

Great Tips For Protecting Your Animals:
- Do not leave alcohol drinks unattended where animals can reach them
- Keep your pet home safe inside away from the firework show or in the neighborhood
- Look into protecting your pet from escaping while you are out with apps and that ID’s that help lost dogs. July 1st is National ID your pet day.

Check out the ASPCA for more tips on protecting your pet during Fourth Of July.

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