Tranquility Natural Wool Futon Mattress
Tranquility Natural Wool Futon Mattress Tranquility Natural Wool Futon Mattress Tranquility Natural Wool Futon Mattress Organic Wool Mattress Tranquility Natural Wool Futon Mattress Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm

Tranquility2 Chemical Free - Wool & MicroCoils - Firm

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Price: $1,659.95

Special Price: $580.98

The Tranquility Natural Wool Futon Mattress is the premier choice for Chemical Free Comfort.

Product Description

Tranquility 2 Natural Wool Futon Mattress

The Tranquility 2 Natural Wool Futon Mattress is the premier choice for Chemical Free Comfort. This 8 Inch Wool and Spring Mattress provides Comfort, Support, and Temperature Control in any season. 733 Individually Pocketed Double Tempered 4 Inch Coils provide isolating support and motion transfer reduction. The all natural american grown virgin wool with its high crimp adds loft and comfort. The pressure isolating micro coils provide support to the lower back and extremities, while also contouring to your hips and shoulders, providing relief and reducing soreness and stiffness when you wake up.
Hand made and sold factory direct, this all natural wool mattress is the best option for your sleep and your wallet. At The Futon Shop, we believe everyone should be able to afford Chemical Free options in their home. Enjoy a chemical free all natural sleep with the Tranquility Natural Wool Futon Mattress.

Natural Chemical Free Wool Mattress

  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Anti-Microbial & Dust Mite Resistant
  • Zero Chance Of Off Gassing
  • Pressure Relief
  • 20-30 Year Life Expectancy
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Designed For Everyday Use On A Platform Bed Of Sofa Bed

Natural Virgin Wool

  • Natural Repellent of Moisture
  • Ideal Temperature Control For Any Season
  • Added Support From Natural Crimp
  • 14-32 lbs. Of Wool For Natural Loft & Spring (Dependent On Size Of Mattress)

Supportive Layer Of Innersprings

  • Individually Pocketed - 4” Micro Coils
  • 733 Individually Pocketed Coils Per Mattress
  • Manufactured From Double Tempered Steel
  • Builds Resistance As Weight Is Applied
  • No Motion Transfer
  • All Recycled Materials

Cover & Size Selections

  • Choose from GOTS Certified Cotton Casing or Standard Poly/Cotton Casing

About The Futon Shop

Virgin Wool

Natural Wool supports the body to relax and enjoy deeper and longer stages of sleep, as you are kept comfortable with a more relaxed heart rate. Our wool mattresses breathe and dissipate the natural moisture your body produces during the night. Wool keeps you cool and comfortable, or warm with overheating. Thus you can experience a peaceful night’s sleep. Also wool promotes a environment so dry that dust-mites simply will not inhabit. Wool is also hypoallergenic, which is anti-allergenic offering you the best environment when fighting allergies. All the wool in our wool toppers, futons and mattresses is bleach and lanolin-free. Our naturally crimped wool offer soft yet supportive layers of comfort.

Fire Retardant Free - Wool is a natural fire retardant and by using it as the outer layer of this mattress we have been able to construct this mattresses completely free of chemical fire retardants. Ensuring this mattress is completely chemical free.

About The Futon Shop

Micro coils

Our micro coils or Pocket Springs are pre-compressed, individually encased coils. Our Individual encasement enables each spring to adjust independently of the others to perfectly support your body in any sleeping position. Our micro-coils are in a honeycomb pattern that minimizes the space between coils. This provides more points of support and a bed that is more responsive than any other spring mattress. Our individually pocketed micro coils are assembled as free-floating, non-bound layers for greater support and responsiveness. Our high coil counts of 733-1333 per mattress ensures that every coil works independently, creating superior flexibility and natural body contouring while dramatically reducing motion transfer for co-sleepers. Our micro coils design allows the futon or mattress to be forgiving when and where you need allowing you to remain stable across the rest of the futon or mattress surface. Weight applied to one area doesn’t domino across the mattress surface. The result is a quiet yet dynamic mattress that performs consistently from corner to corner and edge to edge without dipping or sagging. Our micro coils can bend on a futon frame or be used as a platform bed.

Mattress Feel

Mattress Feel

FIRM - EXTRA FIRM mattresses and futons are ideal for back sleepers and tummy sleepers alike. Firm and extra firm mattresses offer back and tummy sleepers support to the right parts of your body. Proper spinal and hip alignment is critical in the prevention of tossing and turning which leads to sleep disruption. The firmer support our futons and mattresses provide offer a more neutral-spine position during sleep. Sleeping on a firm or extra firm bed allows your bones to become aligned, alleviating some if not all, of the pressure, thus allowing your muscles, arteries and veins to relax. As a result, the blood circulation in the body improves, helping you sleep better. Another benefit to a firm or extra firm mattresses is that it prevents your lower back from collapsing when you lay on it, ensuring your breathing is not constricted, supplying your body with more oxygen, which is crucial for good sleep.

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

Buying a mattress without lying on it is easier than you may think. Even if you get the opportunity to lie on a mattress in a store it is not the same as an eight hour slumber. The Futon Shop manufactures 45 custom mattresses to meet your precise characteristics, height, weight, age, and sleeping position. So call us and let our snooze specialist examine your needs and sleep positions and let us make a recommendation. We stand behind that recommendation with the best 30-day, Comfort Guarantee.

Click Here to see our Mattress Warranty

About The Futon Shop

About The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop is an innovative leader in the creation of chemical free and organic furniture and has been creating natural and organic mattresses in California for over 40 years. We strive to set the standards of excellence for furniture manufacturers and retailers alike and have established a business which maintains highest standards of craftsmanship and transparency. Our goal is to provide affordable natural sleep products that are free of toxic chemicals and healthy for the planet and your home. We also believe in supporting our local community by manufacturing our mattresses locally in California. We source our natural fibers from local farmers and process them on site allowing us to have complete control of what does and does not go into our mattresses.
In keeping with our Mission, we present our line of only 100% chemical free mattresses and non-toxic futon mattresses hand crafted by our expert team. By using only the best organic and natural ingredients, we offer you chemical free mattresses capable of providing unrivaled comfort. This is our finest line of mattress and Chemical Free Futon Mattresses in which we are the most proud. Our customers keep coming back for more so we know we are doing something right. We source the best local ingredients from farmers devoted to grow and harvest the most natural and organic fibers available. We are the national leaders in innovation, quality and comfort in our niche. We are the manufacturer of each and every mattress, cutting out the middle man, felting the raw wool and cotton, assembling the mattress, and finally packaging for delivery or shipping. The Futon Shop has made chemical free living affordable for everyone, because we care and believe everyone deserves the choice to sleep healthy. See our line of 100% chemical free mattresses and learn more about the benefits of their ingredients below!

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Shipments usually arrive in about one or two weeks after the date of purchase. We use the fastest, safest, and most reliable carriers to ship your products to you. We have long term partnerships with some of the best residential shipping companies nationwide. Most shipments are made to order and everything we sell is hand packaged, passing through multiple inspections points before being released. When we ship every order we notify you via the email address provided to us on your order. This email will state the freight company we shipped with and the tracking number of your products. We also send you the phone number and web site of the freight company so you can track your order.
For residential deliveries, you will be contacted for an appointment as soon as your order arrives at the local terminal. For commercial deliveries, no appointment will be made. If you need to make one, please contact us. Click here for more information on shipping.


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Product Dimension Diagram

Size A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches) D extension
(for love seats only)
Twin XL39880
Full Double54875
Eastern King76880
Cal King72884
Twin Loveseat3985421
Full Loveseat5485421
Queen Loveseat6085426


Customer Reviews

Difficult to fold Review by Steve
The futon seems to be of good quality and I believe the futon shop to be relatively reputable and one of the cheaper sources for a truly chemical free mattress. That being said, the futon mattress we bought (Tranquility2) is much much thicker than our old futon (like about twice as thick) and it is also heavier and very very difficult to fold into a couch. We live in a very small house so we fold our futon bed into a couch every day. This has made this task very difficult. Both my wife and I have not noticed any real difference in comfort for all that extra fluff and material. In our opinion, this is too thick to be called a futon. I wish the futon shop would provide a cheaper thinner chemical free option of futon mattresses. We keep telling ourselves "oh well at least now we are sleeping chemical free..... ". I also found their marketing to be a bit deceptive as the "sale" that was supposed to "end" the day I ordered the futon just changed it's name the next day and was still going on the following week (yes I felt a bit pressured to make a quick decision when I though the sale was going to end). A slightly different version of the same sale is still going on almost a month later..... (Posted on 10/20/2016)
great futon mattress Review by waunee
We did not know how comfortable a futon mattress was until we went to The Futon Shop.My daughter is very picky and she loved all the furniture in the store. She choice a frame this mattress with a teddy topper. It is chemical free super comfortable and we are very happy (Posted on 6/20/2016)
best futon sofa ever Review by karen
We looked everywhere for an affordable supportive. organic futon sofa. We found it here and love it. Soft yet firm, cozy yet supportive.All natural with no chemicals or petroleum or artificial ingredients simply wool and springs. We love it. (Posted on 6/11/2016)

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