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New Mattresses From The Futon Shop

Humanely Harvested Wool

We use unprocessed naturally crimped wool that is manufactured without pesticides. Wool offers you temperature control while you sleep while also creating natural loft to cradle your body with comfort. For those looking to explore the many benefits of wool we recommend the chemical free Pure Comfort Chemical Free Wool Mattress, or the Tranquility 2 Natural All Wool Futon Mattress. With Chemical free mattresses made from wool you can look forward to resting every night assured that you are not sacrificing the comfort you deserve while staying free of harmful toxins.

As a natural fiber free from harmful chemicals wool is an effective repellent mold, resist mildew buildup, and are also dust-mite resistant to add years of life to your mattress. If you are looking for affordable options for a chemical free mattress or topper we encourage you to compare the price of our Teddy Bear Chemical Free Wool Mattress or our Teddy 2 Inch Wool Topper to anything else on the market!

Dunlop Latex For Superior Support

The natural reflexive properties of Latex are beneficial in many ways but the specific materials we have chosen for our mattresses are important to know when comparing with our competition. We choose only Dunlop latex over Talalay Latex for the extra support and resistance it provides for the sleeper. By utilizing 100% natural Dunlop Latex in multiple thicknesses our uniform solid cores are adjustable and customizable by preferred density. Read our reviews on the Chemical Free Comfort Rest to hear what our customers think!

Whether you desire soft, medium, firm, or extra firm any of our chemical free mattresses are made to fit the support level for anyone and everyone. Take for example our EcoPure Latex Core Mattress which is designed to provide natural support for your shoulders, hips, and knees. For those seeking relief from back pain we recommend the Eco-Rest Max 9 Inch Toxin Free Mattress, the Eco-Pure Rest Futon Mattress Chemical Free, or the Serenity Plus for the balance between comfort and support it provides. Unsatisfied with your sleep experience from a recently purchased mattress? Looking to add more support but not ready to replace? We suggest our Serenity Plus Latex Mattress Topper Chemical Free!

A Natural Sleep With Organic Cotton

Although we do carry a wide variety of selections at affordable prices we take extra care to stock the best USDA Certified Organic Cotton so we can do our part to support American farmers and our families. Our layers of USDA Certified Organic Cotton are pesticide and fire retardant free. At The Futon Shop we believe in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, by choosing products made with organic cotton you are not only supporting agricultural methods that protect the environment by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals, but sleeping chemical free greatly reduces exposure to toxins for the user in their lifetime. The benefits of less exposure to chemicals during your bodies’ natural healing process can positively affect you and your family for years to come!

Pocketed Spring Coil Mattresses For No Motion Transfer

Traditional mattresses and their bouncy interconnected springs are the direct cause of most motion transfer issues for couples. Those using interconnected metal springs may notice discomfort every time their partner shifts while sleeping. For this reason our collection features individually pocketed micro-coils that cease motion transfer from spring to spring. Each micro-coil is made from recycled double tempered steel and encased in its own fabric pocket rather than woven together resulting in no transfer of pressure or bounce that cannot be felt from one coil to the next. With no motion between rows, layers, or even spring to spring you don’t have to worry about waking your partner before they are ready. Check out our most popular mattress featuring our micro-coils, the Eco-support Spring Futon Mattress Chemical Free!

Coco Coir Options For Absolute Longevity

Our Coconut Coir mattresses are capable of lasting up to 20 years or more, but when choosing the right mattress it is important to consider body weight, size, and the support needs of the sleeper. If you are individually heavier than 200 pounds our coconut coir options are worth looking into for their extremely durable and supportive qualities. We have the highest level of durability when it comes to chemical free mattresses and recommend our Cocopedic Coconut Mattress Chemical Free, the Cocosupport Chemical Free Coconut Coir Mattress, or our Coco-Rest Coconut Coir Mattress Chemical Free.

For our firmest and most supportive mattress options be sure to visit our Chemical Free Coconut Coir Mattress Options!

Live Better With Healthy, Sustainable Solutions

The Futon Shop brings you the best array of hand crafted mattresses at an affordable price while using the best ingredients available! Whether you are looking for a sofa bed replacement mattress, tempur pedic memory foam, Chemical Free Mattresses, and futons for your home are made for everyday use. Our Chemical Free Futons are made only with Pure Natural Dunlop Latex, Natural Virgin Wool, Pocket Coils Springs, and encased in USDA certified Organic Cotton. Purchase a mattress hand crafted in San Francisco, California and live the difference! With The Futon Shop you can rest assure that you are providing your family with the very best.

Futon Sofa bed Mattresses

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

Debating about the health benefits of a new mattress for you or a family member? We want everyone to experience our line or products which is why we have guaranteed your comfort for 30 days! Whether you shop online, contact a sleep expert over the phone, or visit one of our locations to find out more about our warranty! Since your comfort is guaranteed you don't need to worry about purchasing the wrong mattress or changing your mind, we are truly dedicated to helping every individual get the healthy rest they need to live a fulfilling life!

You can find information on our warranty by checking our warranty page or by reading about our 30 day guarantee for mattresses!

Support Small Business In America

Since 1976 our company has grown to include hundreds of different products, provide jobs for over 47 employees and include 11 retail stores throughout California. We believe the world deserves an affordable choice for chemical free living options and do our best to educate recent changes in Federal standards for furniture in order for every family to live healthy and toxin free. When you choose to buy local the value of any product “Made in the USA” represents more than just a victory for small business in America, it means a victory for our neighborhoods as well! We choose not to outsource our manufacturing to anyone else for many reasons. In order to bring you chemical free solutions we carefully monitor the process from start to finish in order to Provide Affordable Made In America Products for Completely Organic lifestyles.

Shopping Local? Visit Us Today!

If you are shopping locally we encourage you to stop by any one of our 11 retail stores where you can experience the genuine feel of any one of our mattresses in person. Our products are manufactured at our company headquarters located at 2150 Cesar Chavez St. in the heart of San Francisco, California. Since our humble beginning in Los Angeles we have stayed true to our mission of providing practical and affordable quality furniture solutions while pioneering our unique line of Chemical Free Sleeping Products.

For those buying online, remember that we can ship to anywhere in the United States. Take a look at any one of our Store Locations!

Custom Tailored To Any Size

At The Futon Shop we have been creating custom made options for designers and our clients since 1976. Let us put our expertise and experience to work for you. No space is too big or shape too odd for us to tackle. We excel in custom made options for any antique beds, window seats, boat cushions, bench cushions, baby beds, and indoor/outdoor use. This mattress is available in custom sizes so call us at 1-800-44-FUTON to speak with our experts!

New Futon Mattresses

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The Futon Shop a family owned company since 1976 maintains a high level of Eco-Consciousness to strive for a healthier future for our planet and our country. We work tirelessly towards bringing the best organic cotton and eco-friendly futons, sofa beds & chemical free furniture options for the health and comfort of our customers