Organic Bed Pillows

Organic Bed Pillows

Hand Made Organic Bed Pillows

All Natural and Organic Bed Pillows
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Hand Made European White Down Pillows

Have you ever woken up with a sore neck or a headache? This could be due to sleeping on the wrong pillow or a pillow that needs to be replaced. You can be suffering from allergic reactions to dust mites, mold or mildew build-up in your pillow.

Available in a variety of styles and colors, all with the same high quality, removable and machine washable covers.

Sleep Chemical Free!

For a better, healthier night's sleep, choose pillows that contain natural or organic fillings and organic or outer coverings. We have several filling options to choose from, including pure virgin wool, all natural cotton, organic cotton, or natural latex. Feel the difference, you will experience greater comfort, more support and therapeutic sleep benefits. All of our Organic Bed Pillows are fully adjustable for customized comfort.

By choosing the right products for your family you are greatly reducing the amount of harmful fire retardants and PCDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) your family is exposed too. Flare ups, skin irritation and the body’s ability to detoxify, regenerate, and rejuvenate can be greatly impacted by chemical exposure from conventional sleep products. Growing families should do their research on any product they buy since toxic mattresses pose higher risk for infants and children. Because their bodies are rapidly developing and growing, their faster metabolic processes make them more susceptible to the toxins in their environment.

Organic Latex Pillows!

Latex pillows are not only wonderful for your neck and back but for your health! Sleeping on 100% chemical free latex is great for isolating joints and relieving pressure during sleep. Due to its constant reflexive state there is no pinching or pressure points. A latex core will better support your bodies natural sleeping posture which is likely to soothe soreness of your muscles and joints.

We strive to educate all we come across about more sustainable and organic sleeping options for your family and the world! With The Futon Shop you don't have to worry, our latex vendor has access to the finest quality 100% organic natural rubber grown in Sri Lanka and India. We partner with the source so you can trust that our Dunlop Latex Cores have absolutely no additives or treated with chemical compounds.

Quality Craftsmanship, Complete Customization

Hand-made custom European White Down Pillows that are custom crafted by trained pillow makers to match your unique sleep style, size and age. We use the highest quality materials available in the world from the sterilized white European down to the 100% cotton sateen pillow protector in order to provide you with the very finest "luxury with a purpose".

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The Futon Shop has prided itself on a mission of providing practical and affordable quality furniture solutions to families. While pioneering our unique line of Organic and Chemical Free Sleeping Products. we have added plenty of new products to our line to help you live a healthier lifestyle!

For those buying online, remember that we can ship to anywhere in the United States if you are not within pickup distance of our Store Locations!