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Farm to Family

Certified Organic From Farm To Family

The Futon Shop takes pride in our approach to bringing you the best organic products. When buying locally harvested, naturally processed, and chemical free materials directly from the source we are able to support those who share the same passion. By associating ourselves with organic farming initiatives and sustainable methods of agriculture we can verify that the furniture, sofa beds, and mattresses we produce are manufactured in Eco-friendly ways. We have sought out the most sufficient, sustainable, and beneficial natural resources available and manufacture them here in the USA to bring you organic and chemical free products you can trust!

At The Futon Shop's manufacturing plant located in San Francisco we distribute our products to each of our 11 showrooms throughout the state of California. With any of our organic, green and chemical free mattresses we take great care using only environmentally conscious practices from start to finish and then choosing the right third party organizations to verify our practices. Since 1976 Suzanne Diamond and her team of specialists have been dedicated to having a positive impact in the furniture and bedding industry while promoting eco-friendly practices.

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Farm-to-Family practices ensure a healthier, more peaceful society while supporting the local eco system. The Futon Shop hopes to spark this movement with our collection of chemical free and organic sleeping products designed for sofa beds, futons, cribs, and platform bed frames.

The home should not be a chemically produced separation from the natural habitat but rather an extension of the natural surroundings. There is no reason that you can’t live in style and feel good about your eco footprint. Check out our options for completely Chemical Free Sleep!

Why Sleep Organic?

Everyone grew up hearing “you are what you eat” often enough, but have you ever considered the impact of "you are where you sleep” as well? We feel that the effects of choosing chemical free and organic sleep solutions is a wise investment since half of the average life is spent sleeping! When you buy any product built with the principles of Farm-to-Family in mind you can depend the materials used to only be produced by acceptable organic methods. Today organic solutions for home and bedroom are often overlooked but the materials for your sleeping arrangement are just as important to consider as the foods you eat or clothes you wear since more time is spent in bed then on any other piece of furniture in a home.

Farm-to-Family in Action

Farm-to-Family offers consumers many basic alternatives for chemical free, naturally healthy, and comfortable sleep options. The health benefits of a mattress with zero chance of off gassing at night is something that we can feel good about promoting everyday! The vibratory nature of our existence and surroundings helps shape who we are on a subconscious level.

A more natural existence will not only contribute to a healthy lifestyle but a more pleasant mental state. The philosophy of Farm to Family effects communities, economies, and the environment wherever it extends its reach. We know that without the farmers who believed in using sustainable methods it wold be impossible to offer you the quality we provide.

Wool, A Natural Fiber

The humanely raised sheep that the wool we use is harvested from is something you can feel good in and feel good about. When compared to the environmental costs of most animals, sheep are not only a sustainable option but an economical one as well. Since sheep can live in environments deemed unfit for most you can be sure that the effects of grazing, feeding, and caring for sheep are considerable when looking at other methods of producing fiber.

If you are looking for affordable options for a chemical free mattress or topper we encourage you to compare the price of our Teddy Bear Chemical Free Wool Mattress or our Teddy 2 Inch Wool Topper to anything else on the market!

Wool, A Natural Fiber This wool is purchased by The Futon Shop in San Francisco.

Organic Cotton, Zero Pesticides

US cotton industry generates about 200,000 jobs and accounts for more than 25 billion in products are services annually. Due to the popularity of cotton the size of the United States cotton industry has grown to produce over 20% of the worlds cotton. Sadly only 0.7% of global cotton produced worldwide is grown with sustainable organic methods of agriculture. By choosing organic you are not only choosing the best, organic agriculture protects the environment. By reducing going organic in your bedroom you are greatly reducing the exposure to toxic chemicals you will have in your lifetime.

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Recently our 11th retail store was opened in San Marco, California! Our products are manufactured at our company headquarters located at 2150 Cesar Chavez St. in the heart of San Francisco, California. Since our humble beginning in Los Angeles we have stayed true to our mission of providing practical and affordable quality furniture solutions while pioneering our unique line of Organic and Chemical Free Sleeping Products


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