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Why Sleep On Wool And The Health Benefits

Friday, May 20, 2016 2:06:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Why Sleep On Wool


Why Wool From The Futon Shop? 

Our wool is entirely free of allergens, irritants, and fire retardant substances while still retaining its shape over the course of its lifetime. Although there are zero fire protective substances that could be potentially harmful, wool has the same fire safety features of chemically treated bed products. When you choose wool, you are choosing to support a growing number of farmers who choose to grow wool in natural environments without the use of harmful harvesting methods.


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The Benefits of Chemical Free Wool

Pure and Chemical Free

Our wool is 100% Chemical Free, bought from local farms and we garnet batts of wool weekly in San Francisco. Since We have complete control of our ingredients, we are able to guarantee there are no bleaches, dyes, or chemicals used to alter the natural chemical free state of our fiber in our mattresses.

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Wool gets the same durability and lifespan as heavier woven without the extra weight. Since wool does not need to have as tight of a weave thanks to the durability of its fiber it can rest lightly as a comforter that you won’t have to worry about wrinkling or washing!


Odor Resistant

The ability wool has to naturally fight odors through the process of air filtering will also keep the room fresh day after day of use and is antimicrobial. This natural fiber is a great option for guests. Virgin Wool mattresses have temperature regulation for every season and moisture control to protect against the discomfort.


Can Insulate While It Breathes

One of the most amazing aspects of wool is its ability to breath while retaining heat, making a lasting and comfortable rest. You no longer need to set your temperature to regulate all night because wool will keep your bed space at the same temperature as your body naturally and give off unnecessary heat!


Naturally Flame Resistant

No more toxic flame retardants in the home!!! Wool is a natural fire retardant, When pure cotton is exposed to a flame it erupts into a fireball of heat, unlike wool which chars and self extinguishes. Mattress and furniture fire safety laws were originally created to fight house fires caused by cigarettes. As the world has grown more aware of the health risks associated with cancer causing agents, natural wool has become the go to fiber for natural made furniture.


Wool Mattress
Wool Mattress
Wool Mattress
Wool Mattress



Wool has been found to have a remarkably lower rate of allergic reactions, however, many people do report that they are allergic to wool. After extensive study, scientists have determined that these consumers were not allergic to wool. The perceived allergic reaction to wool was actually a painful response by sensitive skin to coarse fibers. Any Handmade Wool Mattress from The Futon Shop is made chemical free, stripped of lanolin, and completely customizable.


Lowers Heart Rate

Recent research has shown that sleeping on wool fibers actually lowers your heart beat. This is due to the ability of wool to regulate body temperature. When your core body temperature rises, the body must work harder to circulate your blood to cool you off. Sleeping on wool fibers wicks away both moisture and heat, both of which contribute to lowering your resting heart rate and allowing you to get more restful sleep.


Regulates Body Temperature

Wool is a popular necessity In the frigid mountain climates to keep entire villages warm through harsh winters, but it has also been used for centuries in the hottest deserts where there is extreme heat. Since wool constantly adapts to your body temperature and releases excess heat, you will be able to sleep with less interruptions!


Resists Dust Mites, Mildew, Bacteria, Mold

Wool naturally filters itself, naturally resists moisture to fight bacteria! Dust Mites do not like wool due to its spring like resilience that keeps them from nesting effortlessly.


Wool Mattress
Wool Mattress
Wool Mattress
Wool Mattress


Resilient & Long Lasting

A wool fiber acts as a tiny spring as it recoils against pressure applied. This adds to the durability and allows your mattress to retain its shape for longer! Wool can be bent more than 20,000 times without losing its resiliency which is over ten times the amount of cotton! Wool lasts longer and retains its shape for much longer!


Naturally Comforts Pain Sufferers, A Great Option For Those Under Bed Rest

When you have an instance where healing requires you to stay in bed for a long time there is never a better time to switch to wool bedding! Not only will wool keep you comfortable for longer by wicking away perspiration and it’s lightweight nature won’t weigh the sleeper down and cause discomfort.


Repels Moisture

Wool naturally wicks away the moisture released from your body while sleeping. When you perspire while sleeping on cotton bedding and mattresses sweat will naturally be absorbed on the top layers and pool under your body. Due to the natural compound of wool fiber water bunches and beads when coming into contact with wool to eliminate discomfort.


Soft Joint Support

Those who are in need of a bed that can softly cradle their joints and provide soft support will find wool is a comfortable option that does not give as easy to pressure points with repeated use. Wool bedding is a natural support system for arthritis and fibromyalgia sufferers for the cradling comfort it provides sleepers.


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